Friday Five (#1) – Five Fast Facts on Midwives

Friday Five posts occur every Friday and include a variety of topics aimed at inspiration, education and empowerment. This week’s topic…

Five Fast Facts on Midwives

  • CNMs (certified nurse midwives) can practice in all 50 states. CNMs practice with a license issued by the state and are independent health care providers!
  • Midwives can perform births in a variety of settings: a home, a birth center, a hospital – almost anywhere! Any midwife that has been in practice long enough will be able to tell you stories of women having babies in elevators, cars, or in hallways on the way to labor and delivery!
  • Midwives can work alone in their practice, with a partner, or in a group setting with a variety of disciplines. I currently work with a team of OBGYNs, WHNPs, and CNMs in a hospital setting.
  • Midwives can do so much more than birth! We are trained to care for gynecologic concerns, contraception counseling, well-woman exams, newborn care in addition to complete antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum care.
  • Midwives do not need supervision to attend births! Our training prepares us in independent management of normal pregnancy and birth without physician supervision. We are also expertly trained in consultation, collaboration and co-management! It is truly a team effort.

Want more information? Check out ACNM’s Essential Facts on Midwives here.

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