Midwifery Practice Spotlight (#1)

Today we have our first Midwifery Practice Spotlight! Elizabeth is a midwife that works at Community Health Centers of Pinellas in Florida. See her answers below! I personally loved her piece of advice to women (and her hope for midwifery!).

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Where is your practice located?
I practice in a group of 10 offices in the Tampa Bay Area and attend births in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida at Bayfront Baby Place.

How many years has your practice been providing midwifery care and how has your practice changed over time?
Our practice has had midwifery care for over 10 years with certified nurse midwives being primary call and MDs as back up. The midwives and MDs all share patients in the office. The midwives are used in a very medical model of midwifery. I’m the community health realm so have to find ways to bring midwifery care to our patients.

How many midwives are in your practice?
Currently 4 and adding 2 more!

How many births does your practice attend annually?

What is something unique about your midwifery practice?
We have a pediatric department and family practice in our office since we are a patient centered medical home. We also manage some patients with MFM (maternal fetal medicine).

Why do you believe midwifery care is important to women?
1000%! I’ve seen the difference a 10 minute encounter with a midwife who cares to listen can have on a person and their perception of healthcare.

What is your one piece of advice to women seeking midwifery care?
You wouldn’t regret having a midwife who shares in your journey through the worries, learning, tears and joys.

What is your favorite old wives’ tale about midwives?
I feel like patients think midwives can guess the gender and that midwives only deliver at home. There are many ways and places to be a midwife. Most often my GYN patients are like “No I don’t need a midwife, I’m not pregnant!”

What is your hope for nurse midwifery? That midwifery grows and advocates for women. And that the work life balance and salary improves.

How can we find out more about you or your practice (social media, website, etc.)?
The hospital website is just okay as far as our practice (and often out of date). Community Health Centers of Pinellas has a Facebook page, but not women’s health specific.

Thank you so much for sharing Elizabeth! If you live in the St. Petersburg, FL area – go check out their Facebook site and find yourself a midwife! Happy Monday…


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