Friday Five (#9)

Happy Friday! This was a moose right outside the window of my unit last summer. Every time I see this picture I think – this moose is demonstrating Alaska’s version of hands and knees. Well done moose! For anyone that’s curious, this is a young moose, maybe a couple years old.

1. This resource is so important for new mamas that I wrote it into the discharge teaching instructions that go home with every one of our postpartum patients (right after the lactation consultant’s number). When I was newly postpartum with my daughter; I sat around for HOURS and read every article on this website. The amount of information (and good, unbiased, fact based information) is phenomenal. Even better, the site has a recommended book list (makes me sing with joy!). Check out her recommended books here. Also, the site has a section on humor and trivia and I smiled while reading this vignette on a mama preparing to go to bed. So true….

2. Ask Me 3 Campaign…have you ever walked out of a provider visit and been even more confused than when you went in? Use these questions to guide your next visit:

3. This sweet necklace on Etsy – yes, it’s supposed to be a placenta. You guys know I love the placenta. I think it’s artfully done and only someone who knew what a placenta was would take a second look and go “ah-ha!” I’m not a necklace person…but this would be a great gift for a preceptor or mama. I don’t have any affiliation with the seller but would love to know how they came to design this!

4. Need an adorable bag for work and your breast pump? Sarah Wells has your back. Well, she actually has your bag. I found these cute bags this week and they’re adorable, functional and professional. I have always used the bag that came with my pump (and they have worked just fine…), but these are on another level! I don’t have any affiliation with Sarah…but wish I had found her bags a few years ago after my daughter was born. Do you have a bag to recommend for mamas needing to carry their breast pump/supplies around? Let me know!

5. The coronavirus. Stay up to date with the facts here. Want to follow what the CDC is doing step by step? Check out this page. And please wash your hands with soap and water. Other tips to prevent spread of infection are here. If you are in patient care (nurse, teach, provider, etc.), just spending a few minutes on good hand washing goes a long way.


*Other goodies: I added a scholarship section on the RESOURCE page! Basically, every other person I know in life is either in some kind of school or wants to go back to school. There are millions of dollars out there for grabs – I’m happy to point anyone somewhere they can get money to help pay for school. Have a scholarship to add to the list? Let me know on the CONTACT page!

I’m hunkering down this weekend to knock out some graduate assignments for my DNP program…but have a date night and a Superbowl party on the agenda too 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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