Lift up midwifery!

Placenta print from one of my births last week! Love how the shimmer colors make the vessels pop!

Today’s post is short but the takeaway is this: whenever you have a chance, lift up midwifery!

Here’s how I think I look most days:

5 foot-6 inch, certified nurse midwife, probably in scrubs and Danskos; in the hospital or clinic; and most definitely with a cup of coffee that was warm two hours ago ….but most importantly, with an (imaginary) giant flag that says “I’m a nurse midwife and midwifery is awesome.”

The problem is this: on days when I’m high energy and well rested, it’s really easy to wave that flag, and promote midwifery to patients, families, techs, nurses, providers, etc… But on days that I’m tired or coming off a very long shift, or a long week, that same flag is heavy and seems like it is a burden to carry.

Those are the moments we must rally, stand tall, look ahead, and say with the same determination:

“I am a midwife and midwifery is AWESOME.”

Shortly after an amazing shower delivery! Yes, I am sitting on a birthing ball. The mama did outstanding and was so happy with her birth. Also, this was an awesome example of what natural birth can look like in the hospital setting.

If you’ve got a story to share about midwives we want to hear it!

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Have a lovely Monday everyone!


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