Friday Five (#11)

Happy Valentine’s Day! The husband and I believe in eating chocolate every day – so we’re not big fans of the holiday for the candy and the flowers – but we are doing Valentine’s Day with our three year old daughter this year and she is beyond excited. She thinks Valentine’s Day is a combination of her birthday and Christmas. I’m not sure why but it should be fun either way. I came across lots of fun things for this Friday Five…let’s dive in.


1. This infographic published by the California Listening to Mothers study – did you know 1 in 8 babies born in the United States are born in California? I think they did a great job putting the women’s words into picture. I’m shocked that only 11% of women used a tub or shower to manage pain in labor. I nearly delivered my son in the tub! Please know that water during labor is very therapeutic and healing. And only 23% of women stayed home until 5cm dilation! Also kind of crazy to me. What do you guys think of the results?


2. This post on Why Should I Become a Nurse Midwife? There’s a lovely video interviewing a couple practicing nurse midwives (both new graduate and very seasoned!), as well a student midwife. Watch while you’re doing the dishes and enjoy their stories!

3. This article on breastmilk. Have you ever thought about how breastmilk may be different in women around the world? Lindsey Allen has. And there’s study underway to analyze 4,000 different samples of breastmilk in an effort to find out what breastmilk normals are within each ounce made by a mama, and how those ounces differ in countries around the world. Also cool to think about: If we can learn about what prevents a nursing baby from getting sick while they are breastfeeding because of their milk’s makeup, how can we apply that knowledge to adults? Can’t wait to see where this research goes!

4. This article on artificial intelligence and medicine. The authors used mammograms as an example and I think they wrote a good article. The longer I practice in medicine, the more I agree: If you look hard enough, you’ll find something.

5. International opportunity! Oh man, this is the kind of opportunity I would jump on in a heartbeat – except, I have a husband… and kids…. and I would miss them terribly for 6 months. But, if you have the ability to travel for a while and desire to teach the art of midwifery for a great cause, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is looking for some midwives to teach a group of midwifery educators in India. Seriously…you get to travel on someone else’s dime and do an amazing thing. I’ve talked before about Melinda’s book – The Moment of Life. It’s an amazing insight into the Gates’ philanthropic efforts worldwide. See this post for my full recommendation…yes, I still recommend it! And, did anyone else know Bill Gates has a blog? Of course he does. I really enjoyed reading it this week – check it out here.

Interested in applying for the gig in India? Apply here. Read more about India’s midwifery goals here…or check out the statement below from the first page in the report (now if we can only get the United States on board with this idea…):

**Bonus #1 – check out this scholarship opportunity – here’s a hint, you get to practice in Hawaii!

***Bonus #2: The James Webb Space Telescope. Yes, you read that right. A telescope. One of the many things that I have learned in marriage is that your spouse’s interests deserve your interest. In that vein, my husband loves space, astronauts, and engineering. I myself have read a number of space books and actually enjoy science fiction quite a bit. Anyways, in 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch and I found myself wandering around their website this week. If you have kids, or just want to take a moment to wonder at how big our amazing world is – check out the website.

Want some good recommended reading on space? I loved Failure Is Not an Option by Gene Krantz; The Martian by Andy Wier; and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Okay, done with space and space books. Back to midwifery things!

The James Webb Space Telescope

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Share your Valentine’s Day or weekend plans! What books are you guys reading these days – share your recommendations with me!


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