Friday Five (#13)

Thank goodness it’s Friday! This week knocked me flat on my back. I picked up a viral URI at the hospital last weekend, then nearly coughed a lung out earlier this week working through said URI, to the baby getting hand, foot and mouth at the day care Thursday. The day care part was funny….

Day care provider: “We think there’s an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth going around the toddlers. Just want to let you know.”

Me: “Ah. That explains the spots around his mouth. And on his hands.”

Day care provider: “Oh! I didn’t see those earlier!”

Me: “Mm…hmm. Well, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Baby – without hand-foot-and-mouth disease…

Oh boy. Hope your week has been better than ours! It can only go up from here. Let’s do the Friday Five…

1. Want to be a member of the American College of Nurse Midwives? I’ve talked about how important it is to be a member of a national organization before. There’s no better time than now with ACNM’s 3 month trial for only $1/month! That’s a steal. There are lots of benefits to the membership – my favorite part is personally the journals sent to your mailbox monthly. But that’s only one piece of the membership. Try their trial today (disclosure: I am an ACNM member but have no other affiliations to promote the organization otherwise).

2. Family Values at Work. I was excited to find out this website existed! The website focuses on how paid family and medical leave benefits families, communities and the economies! Did anyone else realize FMLA (family medical leave act) was signed into law 27 years ago by President Clinton? I didn’t. I know FMLA paperwork very. For those that don’t know, it’s time off from work (up to 12 week during the pregnancy or postpartum period) that the employer must keep your job for you while you take time off. Sometimes it’s paid, sometimes it’s not. I didn’t realize that 40% of the workforce isn’t even eligible. Some of my patient don’t have a choice about time off – I’ve seen people go back to work as early as 2 weeks postpartum. Here’s the cool thing though: when family paid leave was passed in California, breastfeeding rates increased 10-20%. The maternal and fetal benefit of that short term and long term is amazing. I signed up to support their campaign: Paid Leave for All. Check it out and show your support too.

Want more? Check out this article on the childcare crisis in America. For mamas that continue to work, childcare is a real financial burden; and even if families can afford childcare, they can’t always find a provider.

Also – this video on mamas and the difference between CARE WORK and PAID WORK:


3. I retired my breast pump(s). Again. Bless those old ladies – Medela and Spectra. It was a good run ladies but I’m glad to tuck you away for a while. I ended up pumping for 13 months – about a month longer than I did with my daughter. We’re still nursing strong in the morning and night time, but it still was a happy moment to put everything away except the boobs. Until next ladies!

4. Coronavirus. Check out the latest from the CDC here. You guys, I watch the news and listen to news radio and I’m telling you – the CDC has the most factual information by far. They also talk about interventions to reduce spread of the virus in your community. Keep up to date. Use good, old standard precautions (hand washing, stay clear of sick, coughing people) and don’t travel to Asia right now.

5. And lastly, a fun one: The Blue Dot Project. Here’s the purpose of the project:

  • Raise awareness of maternal mental health disorders,
  • Proliferate the blue dot as the symbol of solidarity and support,
  • Combat stigma and shame

I am loving this site and their mission – and I am already putting thier Maternal Mental Health Wellness week (May 4-8th, 2020) on the calendar. I had postpartum depression (and some anxiety) after my daughter was born – and I didn’t realize it for a long, long time. I’ll write about it sometime, but for now, if you’re a mama and you think you’re struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression (or both) – please reach out for help to your provider or a counselor. Check out the RESOURCES page too for community meetings like Postpartum Support International.

Did you get to take time off work after having a baby? What difference do you think that made for you and the baby? Has anyone ever used medical or family leave to support a loved one otherwise?

Have you heard of Blue Dot before? I love the idea of support and solidarity behind the cause!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Send us healing thoughts for less coughing and a short bout of hand-foot-and-mouth (please and thank you!).


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