Friday Five (#16)


Happy Friday! Hope you all are well – we’re struggling with some bronchitis at our house…and will likely have a little but of a down weekend here. Let’s get to the Five!

This page contains Amazon affiliate links for some recommended products. This means A Midwife Nation may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. All profits from affiliate links support A Midwife Nation’s mission to make midwifery the standard of care for women everywhere. Thank you in advance for the support and happy reading!

1. AfterThird – a website that supports parents! I love their platform – a place for parents to go to find help in many forms. Check them out!

2. This discussion tool from postpartum support international! If you’ve had a baby or know someone that has struggled with postpartum anxiety or depression – you know that we struggle to provide good healthcare and resources to those mamas and individuals. My lactation consultant that I work with showed me this tool for women to print out, fill out, and bring to their provider. I think it’s a great tool! Many, many mamas I’ve seen struggle to put how they are feeling into words – this tool helps with that. It’s not a screening tool (it doesn’t say yes or no you have depression, anxiety, etc…), but it helps to improve communication between patients and providers.


3. March is National Reading month! I adore any day or month that celebrates reading. I think reading is one of the most important things you can do for your learning and your family’s learning. Reading to kids is especially important and does all sorts of things for their development! My two favorite books on reading to your kids are:

  • The Read-Aloud Family by Jim Trelease
    • Probably my favorite book of 2018. The importance and long term effects of reading to your children are endless.
  • The Read-Aloud Handbook by Sarah Mackenzie
    • A cousin of the book above, but more important, a modern day how to read aloud to your children with outstanding book recommendations for every age. We’ll be referencing this one in our house for years to come.

If you want more to celebrate for National Reading month, check out what your local library is up to, or these resources below:

4. Choosing Wisely website. One of the providers I work with showed me this little list this week by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Ten Things Patients and Physicians Should Question. It’s a great little read for patient awareness. They also have a handout: Scheduling early delivery of your baby [PDF: here]. Some providers used to recommend/offer delivery before 39 weeks, 0 days (that isn’t medically indicated). Most providers don’t do this anymore…but just in case, now you’re informed!

5. March is Brain Injury Awareness month! Just a review of a few safety tips (thank you Costco Connection magazine):

  • Always wear a seat belt while riding in a car.
  • Wear safety gear appropriate for your activities (helmet, wrist guards, etc…)
  • Create a fall prevention environment for children and older adults

This little guy wishes you a lovely weekend (how can you not smile with that toothy grin?!).


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