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Happy Monday! Over the weekend I did a little bonus post on coronavirus and pregnancy/breastfeeding….as well as what to do at home with your littles! I just updated some things on the activities for littles part – as long as we’re stuck at home, I’ll keep the list going!

Today’s post is aimed at some good old wellness – because the Lord knows we all need a little self care in the days ahead (or today….who are we kidding….yesterday too). For me, wellness is all the little things. It’s not one devoted hour of reading each day – but the intent to make reading important in my life and grab a few pages here and there when I can. Humans are creatures of habit – I personally like to look at the things I do every day and see where I can put some real goodness in all the little moments. Self care is important – and the little things really do add up.

These are some of my favorite things for mamas (or any woman!). In no particular order, get your hands on some of these!

Capri blue candles. The most amazing candle on the planet – famously smelled in Anthropologie stores. Oh my heart longs for that smell. We don’t have an Anthropologie in Alaska. I also love Yankee Candles – especially their holiday scents!

THINX period panties. I’ve chatted about these recently on a Friday Five. I still cannot get over the genius of the invention. Or how much laundry detergent and oxyclean this will save me over my lifetime.

Epsom salts. Yup – grandma’s good old salts. I think epsom salts heal almost everything – and what they don’t heal, they make you feel better about. Walmart sells a great bag – I think they run $8 for an 8 pound bag. I also love the scented ones by Dr. Teal. Either way, stock up ladies!

Good chapstick or lip color. Up in Alaska, we coat chapstick on multiple times a day. It’s so dry here it’s crazy. Other than the regular smothering of Aquaphor or Eucerin, I personally love a vanilla flavored EOS but recently found out about Burt’s Bees Matte lip color. For work, I like a little color on my lips but I don’t generally have time to reapply said lip color for the rest of the day. I’m the same way on a date – the makeup that goes on my face whilst getting ready is all you get. So I love these simple, classy colors that offer a big punch with moisture too. I have a Niagara Overlook and a Sedona Sands and love them both. Whatever your favorite lip product, stock up and keep those lips happy.

Good tea or coffee. We recently received a coffee grinder as a gift and it has changed our coffee-drinking-lives! We generally buy coffee beans at the grocery store and then grind them the night before. It makes all the difference in the morning brew! I also started back to drinking tea in the afternoon. I tend to buy tea in bulk from Adagio Teas, brew a big jug full and then sip all day. Plus, after the tea cools, I like to ice it for some afternoon iced tea. I’m from the South and love a good glass of iced tea!

A good book. Man, I just finished two books that I wasn’t a huge fan of (Burnout and Profiles in Political Corruption). But I just started The Checklist Manifesto and am loving it. I love that about a good book. Need a new book for you phase of life? Check out the BOOKS page! Podcasts also recommended in case you’d rather a good listen.

A high quality, comfortable bra! Ladies, I took the advice of a fellow blogger from a post of hers two years ago?? I bought this bra from Nordstrom after finding my sticky note in GoogleKeep from her blog post, then turned around and recommended it to my sister – who also bought a few. It’s comfy at home. It’s comfy at work. And it’s not a 10 year old sports bra! After my first babe, I breastfed for so long I basically gave up bras with wire for life. And, I need a bra that is going to last a 24 hour shift. This bra is expensive…and I bought two…but they have been really great Jamie investments and it’s one of my new favorite things.

One line a day books. These little books offer the opportunity to capture all the little moments that you love at the time but quickly forget – the saying “the days are long, but the years are short” rings awfully true with littles! My daughter and son busted into the bread crumbs yesterday and threw them all over our back hallway. Funny at the time. Captured in both of their books (they each have one). And all the more funny when I read their shenanigans again next year. I fill their books at the end of the day and find it to be a special moment to reflect on how awesome it is to be a mama. These also make a great gift for a mama-to-be!

These are my favorites – what are yours?? Anyone have a good bra recommendation – for workout or lounging? Are you guys interested in favorite things for pregnant women post?

Take care of yourselves 🙂


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  1. Rachael says:

    THINX panties are amazing. Kind of pricey but totally worth it. Have you done the couples one-line-a-day book? It helped my husband and I when we worked completely opposite schedules and never saw each other.

    1. Rachael, I had no idea a couples one-line-a-day book existed! I also have a spouse that works an opposite schedule and sometimes it’s a day or two between our passings. I will definitely look into those – do you have one you recommend? And I can’t wait to try out the THINX panties….they came on recommendation from my sister and she tends to be spot on with all recommendations!

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