Friday Five (#18)

These cuties!

Hello Friday! I’m headed back to work after a few weeks off. Telehealth keeps me doing patient care but being on labor and deliver and helping bring babies into the world is where my heart is! Excited for a weekend full of labor and hopefully some births (and maybe a nap??). This was a busy week. There are a lot of people juggling work at home; having their house a little fuller than they normal do; and everyone is adjusting to a new normal. I reposted all the things to do with kiddos at the end of this post but the Friday Five is a lot more than five today 🙂

Let’s do it…

  1. 30 Days to Slow the Spread of COVI-19. President Trump’s updated guidelines recommend that the country continue previous measures for another 30 days. These aren’t new guidelines, but it is another marathon to slow the spread. Do your diligence however you can!

2. Brush up on NRP skills! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) (the overseeing body for Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)) put up a series of videos online for individuals to review NRP skills. AAP also recommended a grace period of 60 days for those individuals with expiring certifications in March through May.

See their website for more information or read here as well:


3. Childbirth classes online! I had a couple patients over the week that had their childbirth classes cancelled. We did google searches on the phone together to find some good classes online and stumbled across these. Most childbirth classes cover the same content. These videos were put on by Tuscon Medical Center and they do a really nice job. Here’s my recommendation – watch them all THREE times. Put them on while you are making dinner, folding laundry, etc…This is the knowledge that you want to be muscle memory come labor! Have another online source you like for pregnancy or labor education? Let me know!


4. What do you want to know? pregnancy series (put on by the Tuscon Medical Center)! I was looking for educational videos for women at home and found this little series – the 25 videos are short and address many questions women have about pregnancy or labor. Additionally, the series is done by a midwife! If you’re pregnant, check them out, or share with mamas or other midwives to pass along some education while everyone is at home.

5. HeadSpace – a website and app for mental health. I don’t think anyone needs convincing we need to make mental health a daily practice. HeadSpace does a lot of the work for you! I personally like their Breathing Exercises for Reduced Stress.

Other goodies

  • The Storybook Project – This one makes my heart break in all the right ways. A group of Texas women started a group that goes into Texas jails to let incarcerated mamas pick out a book, record the mama reading it to their kid(s), and then taking it the the child. In a dark situation, there is a lot of light here for both the mama and the babes.
  • Are you sitting at home scrolling through lots of emails? Use this time to block/spam all those that are a waste of your time. Make folder for emails you don’t need to read right now and ones you can review in batches later (this is how I manage all emails from professional organizations). Gmail has rules that you can individualize to almost anything you’d like. Get organized while you’re stuck on your couch! How else are you using this time to get organized? Did anyone else start their spring cleaning early?
  • Easter is April 12th! How did that happen so fast. My neighbor mamas are amazing and coordinated a “social distancing” easter egg hunt in the big field by our house. I stocked up on all things NOT candy to stuff our eggs: dinosaur shaped crayons, bouncy balls, fun shoelaces, bracelets. Full disclosure – if there is chocolate in my house, I will find it and eat it! Anyone else have a creative non-candy egg stuffer idea?

Ideas on how to entertain kids at home

Keep strong and optimistic. Take care of yourself and your family first. Call your friends and have virtual cup of tea. Find a good book to cozy up with – or check out recommendations here, here, or here. Enjoy your weekend and make sure you get outdoors – even if it’s to run circles in your own yard 🙂


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