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ACNM Town Hall recap: Perspectives on home and birth center birth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bathing beauties!

Happy Monday (although it’s almost Tuesday in the lower 48). Alas, when you work the night shift the days tend to blur together. We did a lot of sleeping, playing outside and social distancing this weekend – hope your weekend was filled with the same!

Today we have another webinar recap! The American College of Midwives hosted another webinar on March 30, 2020 on home and birth center considerations in the pandemic.

The panel was well put together and they discussed a variety of topic. My recap is below as well as a little commentary.

If you’re thinking about watching it on your own time, the webinar was about 90 minutes long and I thought it was a good use of my time! I liked each panel member’s point of view and the considerations each person brought to the discussion!

Here’s the recap:

Martha Jackson from BirthCare & Women’s Health, Ltd. (Washington D.C.) spoke first on specific things their practice was doing to prepare for the pandemic.

Mrs. Jackson said 70% of the births are home births and 30% of births are at birth center.

Precautions her practice have taken included:

In regards to home birth practices, Mrs. Jackson discussed the following precautions:

And some thoughts from Mrs. Jackson on how to support our own immune systems. (She also spoke on how midwives often struggle most with these things….I thought this was so true!)

Amy Johnson-Grass (from Health Foundations Birth Center and Women’s Care Clinic) spoke next on care modifications during COVID-19 at her birth center; late transfer agreements; hospital transfer considerations; and birth center/hospital collaboration:

Saraswathi Vedam spoke next from Birth Place Lab. She commented on the birds eye view of COVID-19 and maternal health.


Sunita Iyer, the Co-President of the Midwives Association of Washington State spoke on utilization of midwives in disasters, community transfers of care, and communicating guidelines:

Q+A portion:

My thoughts on the webinar…

Whew! Again, a great webinar. I am loving the push from ACNM to communicate through this platform.

Curious about the other ACNM webinars? Check out the webinars themselves or the recaps:

Also – mark your calendar for April, 8th, 2020, 8:00pm EST – Midwives and Telehealth. As a provider at home who had done more telehealth than I ever thought possible, I am so curious as to the points the panel is going to make. As I plan on listening in, plan on a recap!

Are you a midwife on the front line? What struggles is your practice working through? How are your patients handling the precautions and screenings?

Hope everyone is well! Happy Monday.


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