Friday Five (#19)


Frrrriiiidaayyy! I am excited because I actually get to do some patient care this Friday. Most of my patient “visits” have been on the phone in the past 2 weeks so I’m excited to hear some “whoosh-whoosh-whoosh” on the dopplers. Hope this week has found you safe and social distancing isn’t making your household too crazy!

Easter is this Sunday too. An Amazon box full of some eggs and non-candy stuffers arrived Thursday night and I’m excited to stuff those this weekend. I’m also hoping a little more snow melts in the next 3-4 days so we can do our hunt outside! Okay…let’s do the Five.

1. This post from the World Health Organization: COVID-19 Myths. Spread facts not fear!

2. This interview on lessons from pandemic hotspots: Interview with Dr. Eric Rubin and Dr. Lindsey Baden on lessons from Covid-19 hotspots.

3. Scholarship opportunities for Masters or Doctorate students from the National League for Nursing – due May 18, 2020. Apply here or here! Are you an aspiring midwife? Check out the MAKE MORE MIDWIVES page for more scholarships! If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to apply for every scholarship you possibly can! Or get finances in order…check out this new book by Ramsey Solutions: Destroy Your Student Loan Debt.

4. STD Awareness Week (April 12th through 18th) and National Public Health Week (April 6th through the 12th) – which are you more excited about? Just kidding. They both have really cool resources associated with them…check them out!

5. This video on how to grocery shop from a family physician! Loved his tips!


Other goodies..

This podcast from The Dose: Why Do Some Countries Do More C-Sections than Others? The podcast starts with this thought: the cesarean section is either unavailable, and thus, underused, or, it is being overused.

Healthcare in 2019: A year in review (a look at the broad strokes over the past year in the health sector)

Etsy: How to make an edible terrarium (I love Etsy so much for coming up with this and putting a post out. This would be on my counter exactly 3 hours before I ate it.)

How to make your own face cover from the United States Surgeon General!

Or this little sewing tutorial (courtesy of my sister!). We’ll be making some masks this weekend – although the only fabric I have in my house is either Christmas themed or baby prints. I guess our masks will have little dinosaurs and trains on them. #socialdistancing.

The PRIORITY Study from University of California San Francisco. This study is looking specifically at pregnant women that were with COVID-19 of PUI (persons under investigation). The study currently has 180 women involved. If you or someone you know qualifies, please contact the researchers!

Lastly, this website was created by a group of maternal-fetal medicine physicians: Just FYI, the website isn’t endorsed by the national organizations.

Happy Friday everyone!


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