A Midwife Nation interviews on Journey to Midwifery


Happy Wednesday! It’s been a little bit of an off week around here. We have a strange clinic schedule and are standing by for a predicted peak of COVID cases in Alaska over the next week. We’re face masking it like crazy and washing hands like it’s going out of style!

Graduate school is back in full swing. This semester is going to be a doozy but I’m already learning so much. Does anyone else get tired from learning new things? I think it’s how our brain internalizes the information into long term storage. Anyways….

Today’s post is short but so exciting! Back in late December (or early January??) I interviewed with a dear friend on her podcast Journey to Midwifery. It was fun to share my story and talk about my passion. Plus, I love what Amber is doing by listening to midwives around the world talk about how they became midwives.

Check out my interview (and many others) here! Let me know what you guys think (and subscribe to Amber’s podcast!).

See you Friday for the Five!


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