Friday Five (#20)

About 2hrs outside Anchorage on the ALCAN highway…it’s so pretty!

It’s Friday!!! I have a little more joy going into a normal weekend (one without a 24hr shift) than a weekend that I’m working. I know babies come all sorts of hours – mine arrived at 1am and 6am after contractions throughout the day and night! But, the normalcy is inviting. I might even squeeze in a non-DNP related book. A girl can dream right? I’m looking for some good recommendations, even if I might not get to them until my break from school in June.

This Five centered around the topic of contraception somewhat unintentionally! My DNP work is focused on right third trimester care. What does that mean?

Well, in your third trimester of pregnancy, did your provider or clinic address breastfeeding benefits, contraception options, depression screening and induction of labor counseling (both elective and medical) in line with the current evidence for each of those topics? I’ll talk more about the project along the way but right now it’s in infancy stages.

I’m excited to share some of the goodies I find along the way with you all too!

Let’s get to the Five:

1. Quick start algorithm for contraception. This algorithm is easy to read and easy to use. I think patients would really like it as well – especially those patients that fall into the grey zones of “should we start your birth control today or not?” I also think this would be helpful for new midwives or student midwives!

2. This contraception tool. For the visual learner, you can’t beat it. Also, where else have you seen a picture of a female condom? Depending on the type of birth control you want….”most effective”…”STI prevention”…”hormone free”…the objects are highlighted or greyed out. It would be a great tool to have on an iPad for patients to ponder while waiting to see the provider – or to use with their provider while at their visit!


3. This FREE webinar put on by ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) about contraception and breastfeeding. It’s about an hour long but has a lot of good info.

4. This website: They are a non-profit organization that has this goal: that every child can see themselves in the pages of the book. Love that! Interested in rounding out your kid’s book collection? They have some great recommendations (check them out here).

5. Birth place lab. Again, I’ve been in the world of obstetrics for a long time and I still found new and amazing websites every.single.week! I discovered this gem on one of ACNM’s Webinars and love their mission: patient autonomy and respectful care of mothers. They have a shared decision making tool on their site that is fantastic. You can also download the PDF here for your office or desk – or to bring to a provider appointment. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how happy resources like this make me!

That’s the Five guys! What are you up to this weekend? We are headed out to the playgrounds – they just took the yellow construction tape off (I think that means we can go play as long as we social distance?). What do you guys want to see on the blog? Next week I’ve got a little post about back discomfort interventions in pregnancy…and maybe a bonus student post too! Haven’t seen the prior student posts? Check them out here, here or here! I also did a lot of second trimester triaging over the phone this week (hello…yes, those are hemorrhoids…mm hmmm…yes we can talk about things to help!). Let me know what you guys are interested in! And I would still love to hear some birth stories too!

Happy weekend 🙂


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