Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello! Graduate school has officially swamped most of my free time these days…hence the limited blogging. But, I finished some homework early today and BOTH of my babes are still napping so I was able to find some time to catch up with guys!

I wanted to take a different view on Mother’s Day and talk about some things that make my mama heart sing! If you have a mama in need of some love – or just need some good baby shower gifts – read on!

One line a day books! I absolutely love these little books. I have managed to keep up with my daughter’s for 3.5 years now – a huge accomplishment in my mind! My other tip is to keep these somewhere that are easy to write in – the kitchen counter or your night stand. It’s definitely a habit to keep up with them. Most recently I put them in the kids bathroom and I fill them out during bath time. It’s a fun little moment to reflect on the day and jot down something fun we did or that they accomplished. Amazon offers a purple or a teal one. I think I’ve given these away as baby shower gifts more than any other item!

Baby scrapbooks. Dear Shutterfly, if it wasn’t for you, these wouldn’t possible! Truth. There is nothing more fun to me than flipping through a good scrapbook. And a scrapbook of your baby is no different. When my daughter was a newborn, I would work on her scrapbook pages while she was sleeping and be so overcome by how cute she was I would want to wake her up just to play with her (I didn’t…but you get the idea). Plus, if you watch Shutterfly often enough, they have amazing sales that make a high quality scrapbook very reasonable. The other thing that gives me peace of mind is this: should something happen to the scrapbook (fire, toddler, milk…), your creation is saved online and you can always order another one. Second bonus…order one for the grandmas – this is a win. Every. time.

Baby memory boxes. Just hold me now. The little onesie they came home in…their favorite blanket or snuggie. Their first little footprints in flour dough. Their placenta print 🙂 All these things make my heart sing. I personally like a good Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft store to find a cute keepsake box – but any old box will do. This one keeps giving for every Mothers Day to come.

Quilts with baby clothes. This one is a goal for me inspired by my sister. She collected all the memorable baby clothes for her 3 babes and is working on a hand pieced quilt. I’m going to be that person that is snuggled under the quilt while all my babies are in college.

Baby Christmas ornaments. There are so many out there…but I find every year I pull these out of the box and just need a moment to grasp just how much they’ve grown in the past year. Again. I’ll be the old lady under the baby clothes quilt looking at her tree with all the baby ornaments on it…

Erica Sara. My sister got my daughter’s footprints engraved from this site and they are precious! When my son was born, I had his footprints engraved too. I like to wear them on a long chain for a date night 🙂

Check them out here!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day – whether a mama yourself or surrounded by amazing mamas, know that Mothers Day is really celebrated every day in my heart.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to all the midwives that walk with women during pregnancy and through the gates of motherhood. Although that time is fleeting in hindsight, midwives usher in so many mamas through the gate of motherhood.


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