Women Ask Wednesday: Amazing, FREE educational resources for pregnancy, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding!

Happy Wednesday! One of the main questions I get (and I mean, at least three times a day in clinic) since the pandemic started is this: Where can I get information on childbirth or watch childbirth classes online? Oh vey. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I posted a while back on a Friday Five about multiple online resources and about a FREE, online childbirth class published on YouTube by the Tuscon Medical Center. Check out that link here…

But, I also remembered another great website for mamas, women, doulas, partners and midwives this past week that I had to share. One my midwifery students was looking at the site with one of medical students and it reminded me how wonderful the videos are.

The site is Global Health Media. The group is a not-for-profit aimed at helping produce videos to help health care workers around the world in birth, pregnancy and beyond. The healthcare workers are often in rural areas and have limited resources – what’s rather amazing is this: the skills to support birth are the same worldwide.

Here are the videos I recommend for mamas to see but the full list of videos is available here! ***Disclaimer: the videos show lots of natural childbirth and babies being born, but I love how hands off the birth attendants are and how mobile the mamas are during their labors and births.***

Positions for birth

What to expect in labor

What to expect in birth

The vaginal exam

Caring for yourself and baby after birth

Breastfeeding in the first hours

Positions for breastfeeding

Attaching your baby at the breast

Is your baby getting enough milk?

Increasing your milk supply

How to express breastmilk

Also, for midwifery students, the suture videos are priceless to learn anatomy and what tears look like.

Two other resources I am loving as well:

Mommastrong – I have no affiliation for the site – but it is awesome. The workouts are quick, effective and aimed at fitness for pregnancy, postpartum and mamahood. Their motto: Motherhood is an action sport. Love that. This program is highly recommended by one of the midwives I work with – I think its $5/month – you can’t go wrong at that price!

Good For the Swole – I found Becky on instagram a while back and flipped through some of her videos. After watching just a few videos I thought: all women should be doing her exercises. Pregnancy is often a time that women are hesitant to exercise and stay fit – and 50% of women gain excessive weight during their pregnancy. Becky’s videos are quick, to the point and educational. Check her out here!

Okay…that should set you guys up for some good, old childbirth education and a few exercise resources to boot. Want more resources – check on the RESOURCES page. If you have other awesome resources to share – please do! Women need support and education now more than ever. We have to be each other’s support. You guys got this.

See you for the Friday Five this week!


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