Friday Five (#23)

New podcast by the AAP: Pediatrics on call. Listen here!

Friday!!!! Oh man, am I glad too. What do you guys have planned this weekend? I am off this weekend and plan to enjoy hanging out with family – with a lot of homework. This Friday Five has been in the making for a while and is full of goodies! Check out the new podcast by the American Academy of Pediatricians above too!

Let’s jump in…

1. I was able to listen into a Zoom call spotlight on a CNM that is also a PMHNP! It was really an amazing call about what a dual speciality can offer women. In my experience, about 10-15% of women struggle with or have overcome a mental disorder. The ramifications of what a mental disorder can do to a woman during pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood and beyond can be devastating. But in the hands of an individual that knows how to help someone? There really is hope for that woman, her family and her life. Are you a dual certified provider? Let us know how you think that helps you (or doesn’t?!).

2. Global health media videos. I did a deep dive into these videos in Wednesday’s post, but the midwife in me just loves to see so much natural birth and in so many positions. This is how birth should be. I think every woman should watch these videos.

3. The 5 A’s of Health Weight Gain in pregnancy. I saw this instagram post and liked it instantly. 50% of women gain excessive weight during their pregnancy. I did so much research during by Masters program on weight gain in obese women – what I found in practice is that providers either never talk about your weight gain or they treat weight gain as a vital sign. I like to practice in the latter and generally find myself saying “Your blood pressure is normal today and your weight gain to date is **lbs and that’s appropriate weight gain for this point in your pregnancy.” If the weight gain is too little or too much, I generally go down a road similar to the insta post. In general, I think providers not talking about weight gain is much more harmful to patients than addressing it every visit.

4. Summer means iced tea! The Southern gal in me just loves an iced tea – especially one thats flavored and not full of sugar. Random fact – I worked at Sonic Drive-In for 6 years and used to drink gallons of their unsweet tea with lemon and lime. Soooooo goood. Check out some great summer recipes here – these are also refreshing and healthy for pregnant mamas!

5. Disclaimer – this will bring you to tears (but good tears!). My sister shared this link with me and watching the video made tears just stream down my face. I was impressed by the strength both mama and baby demonstrated but what really made me tear up was the healthcare team that cheered them on in parade fashion as she was discharged. The frontline workers can’t get enough credit for what they are doing during this pandemic. If you’re accessing health care during this time, please be extra thankful for what it means to deliver excellent healthcare during a pandemic!

Last tidbit! I have a fellow student in my program that is trying to help postpartum mamas know their resources and be stronger mamas. She is a certified nurse midwife that you can meet with for free anytime from birth up to 6 months. Again – FREE meeting with a midwife to learn about resources that you make you stronger as a mama. Check everything out here and please share with any postpartum mamas you know.

Happy Friday everyone! Let me know what resources made the difference to you during your postpartum period? How do you think we can improve postpartum care?


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