The Top 5 Friday Fives of 2020!

Helloooo Friday! Boy, I’m glad you’re here Friday. After two consecutive four day weekends (and only three day work weeks), this week was a long one. Today I’m sharing the top 5 Friday Fives from 2020. These were the most read of the 25 Friday Fives posted on the blog. I love a top five list because these are what you guys loved to read! From most popular to least, here’s the line up!

It’s no wonder why this Five was popular – three book recommendations (all still highly recommended!), a funny meme, great infographics, preconception care, a postpartum project (which I totally forgot about for Wednesday’s post but have since updated it!), and a post on 21 Ways to Love Yourself after Kids! Check out the full post here.

This Five is a great one for the New Year – it’s a review of the things that were saving my life this time last year. And they haven’t changed. Check out the full post here.

This Five was the funniest one to me of last year because of the Macy’s YouTube video…reposted below because it’s just the right thing to do. Another book recommendation, two awesome projects and milk bank info! Check out the full post here.

This Five was packed with helpful tips as a patient from the Choosing Wisely campaign, national midwifery week, MediHoney, a great instagram to follow and this gem of a discussion tool from Postpartum Support International. Check out the full post here!

This Five was packed with great infographics on the Listening to Mothers study in California, a video titled “Why Should I Become a Nurse Midwife?”, an article about artificial intelligence and medicine and an opportunity from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Check out the full post here.

That’s it for the Five! Enjoy the recap and tune in Monday for how to prevent burnout as a practicing midwife.


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