Women Ask Wednesday: What question should be included in every conversation about contraception?

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Hello and happy day! Just a quick post today to talk about the question that should be included in every conversation about contraception counseling:

“Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?”

This question is known as the One Key Question and came out of an Oregon initiative in 2016. The initiative then morphed into the Power to Decide campaign with an aim to prevent unplanned pregnancy. The questions is meant to be an opener for women to consider their pregnancy desires or intentions. After determining their answer to the question (generally as yes, no, unsure, that would be okay…), the woman can start to think about ways to prevent pregnancy if that is what she desires.

As you guys saw in Monday’s post, contraception counseling isn’t super simple (I wish!). But, this question has a lot of power when a woman considers the question and answers it!

Has anyone ever asked you this question? Does anyone use this in their practice? Has anyone gone to the One Key Question training? I’m curious what their training is like!



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