A Must Have Handout for Your Birth Plan and Your Birth Team

Hey there hey! Wow, you guys loved the posts on LENI (Lower Extremity Nerve Injury) from the past few weeks. I had one of the authors of the spotlighted JOGNN article reach out and the founder of nerveinjuryfromchildbirth.com reach out to say thank you for talking abut LENI. They got me thinking about how to spread more information and there is no better way to share information these days than a good old infographic. Thankfully, for those of use that are not graphic design majors, there is Canva. So I made one!

I would have loved to have something like this on my locker when I was a new labor and delivery nurse. It’s full of simple reminders that are taken for granted but are so very, very important.

I also think a lot of these components should be in a birth plan. Instead of adding it to your birth plan, you could just print the infographic, tape it to the wall of your labor or birth room and inform the staff that you would like to practice the recommendations during your labor and birth as possible.

It’s free for use and available on the TOOLS & HANDOUTS page as well. Please share widely!

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