The State of Midwifery (Part 3): Advocate for Midwifery

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The last topic in our series (Part 1 and Part 2 are here if you missed them!) on the State of Midwifery is applicable to everyone:


You can act on this simple idea from exactly where you are. VOGUE magazine said it best and declared midwives as “The New Front Line.” To me, it’s a pretty awesome goal to rally around.

When it comes to advocating, everyone has to decide how best to advocate from where they are. Additionally, sometimes your phase of life dictates when you’re able to contribute more or less to a cause. When I didn’t have kids and worked 6 days a week (because I loved to work that much), time was a completely different concept to me. With three kids and two spouses working full time, I do a lot of advocating in small spurts of time throughout nap times, after bed time and between laboring mamas. All the minutes add up, but it’s how you decide to use the minutes that counts.

With that in mind, take a look through the list and pick one thing that you can do to help advocate for midwives in 2021.

Want to do more? Decide on one thing a month. It can be as simple as a handwritten letters to your Congressmen about supporting midwifery, supporting women and supporting families and children.

Let’s get to work.

For women….

For aspiring midwives…

For midwives…

For organizations…

There’s a lot of policy work to do for midwifery to advance. But there are a lot of small steps that different people can take along the way to help as well. For practicing midwives, precept when you’re able. For women, seek out midwifery care for your pregnancies, births and well-woman needs. For hospitals, put midwives in charge of labor and delivery floors and while your preterm birth and C/S rates fall, you’ll see your natural birth, intermittent auscultation and labor support rates soar. For midwifery schools, be transparent about how we can help you manage the pipeline – be transparent. A report that is only published every few years doesn’t offer many options for help if the workforce and the public doesn’t know what is going on. For organizations, keep promoting midwifery as the solution (thank you March of Dimes!). If you’re involved in philanthropy, consider giving money to efforts that advance and promote midwifery across your community, state or the country.

One step at a time – that’s how advocacy is done.

Here’s a flyer that promotes everything we chatted about through the series. Share it widely and proudly!

A Midwife Nation’s mission is to make midwifery the standard of care in the United States. That mission is accomplished one step at a time.

Hope you guys enjoyed the series!


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