Texas, vote YES for Midwifery!


Bonus post this week!

We helped Arkansas, we helped Virginia…now it’s time to help TEXAS pass a bill for autonomous CNM practice in the lonestar state!

I’m from Texas and love me some lonestar state. My first exposure to midwives was at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX – it was my first job out of nursing school too!

Shout out to all my Parkland gals!

Okay, let’s help Texas. The House Public Health Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 2029 March 24th at 0800 (CST). The bill is sponsored by Representative Stephanie Klick (R). Please take a moment to contact one or all of the committee members about the benefits of midwifery…click each link to go straight to the contact forms!

The House Public Health Committee:

Committee Chair: Representative Stephanie Klick

Committee Vice Chair: Representative R.D. Bobby Guerra

Committee member: Representative Steve Allison

Committee member: Representative Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Campos

Committee member: Representative Garnet F. Coleman

Committee member: Representative Nicole Collier

Committee member: Representative Jacey Jetton

Committee member: Representative Tom Oliverson

Committee member: Representative Four Price

Committee member: Representative Reggie Smith

Committee member: Representative Erin Zwiener

Write your own message if you have time (personal stories are great if you have time), or use one of these! Help midwives to practice to their full scope of practice and do what they are trained to do!

Optional message:

Good afternoon! I am writing to encourage you to support House Bill 2029 at its committee hearing scheduled for March 24th and help give midwives autonomous practice in the great state of Texas!

Certified nurse-midwives (CNM) are highly trained providers that care for women and their families during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and well-woman care. CNMs provide care to women in clinics, offices, birth centers, hospitals, and homes. A 2012 meta-analysis compared midwifery to physician outcomes in labor and delivery and found that care was no different between providers – and that midwives demonstrated better care for certain study variables! Midwives are experts at birth and labor and should be the standard of care in the United States. States that allow autonomous practice for CNMs have lower cesarean rates, preterm birth rates, and low birth weights than states without autonomous CNM practice (Tony Yang, Attanasio, & Kozhimannil, 2016).

During pregnancy, birth and beyond, women should have midwives by their side. Vote for Texas to become the 32nd state to give midwives autonomous practice and help improve women and infant outcomes statewide.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Thank you in advance for supporting midwifery and taking the time to help remove barriers to full scope practice!


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