Midwife Monday: It’s national Library Week!

Hello and how are you? Alaska had a HUGE weekend of melting and you can run on the streets now without ice cleats – it’s kind of a big deal. Now, it was still 25 degrees, cloudy and rainy but I’ll take it! We also did some major Easter egg hunting on the block. Does anyone else have to find places in the snow to put the eggs? I think the little bits of color in the fields of white look adorable.

Onto today’s post. It’s Library Week!

If you’re new to the blog, we love books around here. I read around 30-40 books a year but it wasn’t always my jam. I used to read about 10 books a year. Around 2016, I found a reading podcast call “What Should I Read Next?” It was the spark to a long needed fire in my life. The podcast interviews readers about their reading habits and asks what they want more of in their reading life. It’s delightful to listen to and always offers a good recommendation for your TBR (to-be-read) list. Also, Anne Bogel’s voice is so calm and soothing.

As a mama, I think reading is even more important and find myself looking for books to read to the kids that are fun for everyone!

As a midwife, I recommend the same books over and over. But I also find a new book every few months that makes the recommendation stack a little taller. Most recently, it was The Fourth Trimester. But I have a new parenting book recommendation coming 🙂

In honor of this year’s theme for library week, “Welcome to Your Library”, I thought it would be fun to post a few reading resources. I hope these light a fire in your reading life!

  1. Find your local public library! Start here. Find what is available in your community. Often times, you have a few libraries nearby and you can use each differently. For example, I used to have a library in Colorado that had a patio next to a river. It was perfect for studying on sunny day. In Virginia, the libraries varied when they offered story times and the differences proved helpful as my little ones adjusted their nap schedules. Remember – libraries are FREE and most of them are offering at least curb side pick up during the pandemic. Additionally, most libraries have increased their web offerings or capabilities (ex. virtual story time and virtual book clubs) and you can access a lot of resources right from home – including audiobooks and Kindle rentals.
  2. The Modern Mrs. Darcy blog. All things reading can be found here. From book recommendations organized by type, holiday, location…to bookish coffee mugs or pencils. Even classes on reading. It’s a wonderful site.
  3. Read Aloud Revival blog. Another great reading blog, but aimed at kids and reading aloud. I rarely go wrong with Sarah’s recommendations.
  4. Dolly Parton Imagination Library. An initiative started by Dolly to get kids to love reading. She’s given away over 150,000,000 books. It’s free. Your babe gets a book a month for the first 5 years of their life. That’s 60 books for free.
  5. Want more about libraries? Sign up for a “I Love Libraries” newsletter here.

If you’re interested in the week’s activities, here’s the planned list! Follow the movement with these hashtags: #ebooksforall #nationallibraryweek #librariestransform

And lastly, some fast, super nerdy library facts (source):

  • There are 9,057 public libraries and 98,460 school libraries across the United States.
  • The average library serves less than 25,000 people but some libraries serve up to 1,000,000 people!
  • The top five libraries for highest population served are:
    • Maricopa County Library District, AZ
    • Los Angelos Public Library, CA
    • New York Public Library, NY
    • County of Los Angelos Public Library, CA
    • Chicago Public Library, IL
  • The Library of Congress holds the most books at 39, 290, 248. A close second is the New York Public Library at 36,251,074 books.

That is so many books – can you even imagine how organized the library must be to house millions of books?!

Don’t forget to check out the BOOKS & MORE page for all the recommendations.

Hugs and reading,


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