Midwife Monday: A New Resource to Aid Diagnosis of Breast Skin Conditions in Asian, Indigenous, Black and Brown folks


Hello Monday! I’m teeing up to start the new job this month and still trying to organize the house. There is stuff everywhere! I get a little organizing done every day but it feels like a snails pace.

I’ve got a new resource today for students and practitioners. This one popped up on my radar last month and I wanted to highlight it today because the site launches THIS month!

The resource is called The Melanated Mammary Atlas. It’s a group of practitioners documenting skin conditions on breasts of color to better aid other practitioners in diagnosing and management across the healthcare system.

This is the company’s WHY straight from their website:

Our mission is to improve care for the underserved by broadening the health professional knowledge base and normalizing how breast conditions manifest on patients of color.

Here’s what I love about this idea.

One, it’s innovative.

Two, it’s clinically useful. If you’ve been in practice, you know that sometimes (actually often…), the rash or red bumps you’re looking at one someone’s skin don’t match up with the textbook pictures. It’s helpful to see pictures of a variety of rashes on different people to better diagnose your patient.

Three, it’s helpful to show these same pictures to the patient. Patients like to see that their rash or infection is comparable to someone else’s.

Lastly, you can upload pictures to the database to make it even more robust. In my experience, patients are usually very quick to consent to this (of course, you should always ask for consent!).

You can sign up to join the movement here and after you are verified as a provider or student, they’ll send you an invitation.

What do you guys think of the idea? I hope it becomes a really useful tool for practitioners. I’ve seen something similar for skin conditions all over the body and used the tool in midwifery school. It was great!

Here’s to a great week!

I’ll be unpacking and organizing…


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The Melanated Mammary Atlas (https://www.mmatlas.com/)

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