16 Week Template is LIVE!

It’s kind of like Christmas in July…but it’s August. And this template took me the entire summer.

But the 16 week template is LIVE!

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Sneak peaks are below…

Just a reminder, these areas of emphasis are just themes of the 16 week visit. They are common themes at the 16 week visit, but not meant to be all encompassing as each prenatal visit is tailored to the woman’s needs or symptoms.

As you practice more and more, women tend to present with similar complaints and concerns around the same time of pregnancy. For example, round ligament pain is common between 16-24 weeks although it can occur during any time of pregnancy.

Constipation isn’t a problem for all women. But, if not addressed, constipation can lead to hemorrhoid formation…and hemorrhoids management needs a whole other post.

Weight gain is a vital sign. And too often, the implications of too much weight gain or loss are not reviewed in pregnancy. Exercise should also be encouraged and assessed regularly. These boxes offer a talking place for those conversations.

In the midst of the pandemic, mental health cannot be assessed enough. And with pregnancy and postpartum periods, there is a challenge to normalize this into the prenatal conversation. This is a start, but it is just a stepping stone.

The hyperlinks are all active on the PDFs for sharing and tree-saving 🙂

Happy Monday!


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