Women Ask Wednesday Recap!

Happy middle of the week. I am seriously hoping to catch some babies this week as I venture back into the labor and delivery arena after a few months out of work. I can hear those little newborn cries already!

When I set out to start the blog, I thought a lot (and still think a lot) about the content I want to put out there. I always try and write something I would want to read. Did you know I read blogs for YEARS and definitely before they were cool.

I decided to go for three categories: one for midwives/student midwives, one for women, and a catch all bucket. Those three turned into what you see each week: Midwife Monday/Student Spotlight, Women Ask Wednesdays, and the Friday Five (which is always more than five…).

The Women Ask Wednesdays come straight from my practice. Some of the topics are common questions that I get asked one hundred times a year. Some of the topics are things that there aren’t a lot of good resources for. Some are in between.

But in an effort to spotlight those Wednesday posts, we’re doing a little throwback today.

These are the Wednesday posts for the past two-ish years. You can see they cover midwifery, pregnancy, postpartum, women’s health…everything.


What’s your favorite (non-book) item to recommend to pregnant women?

The Well Woman Visit

Let’s talk epsom salts.

Everything you wanted to know about pregnancy tests?

What’s a day in the shoes of a midwife?

What are the hallmarks of midwifery?

A day on labor and delivery.

How do I make a reproductive life plan?

What is pelvic floor physical therapy?

What is a cervical exam?

Where can I get good pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and newborn education during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Thoughts on the DNP…

Amazing, FREE educational resources for pregnancy, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding!

How do I manage back pain in pregnancy?

What mental health resources are available in the pandemic?

What question should be included in every conversation about contraception?

What is lower extremity nerve injury? (And can it happen during birth?)

How Your Diet During Pregnancy Can Reduce Allergies in Your Child

3 Tips for When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go as Planned

What apps can I use to manage anxiety?

If you’re curious as to which posts were the most popular, they would be here: 5 Most Popular “Women Ask Wednesdays”.

And more importantly, what questions do you want to see on a future post?!

We’re halfway through the week 🙂

See you for the Five!


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