Friday Five (#43)


Ya’ll, this might be my favorite Five so far this year. First, I discovered Droplet. Their animations and pictures (see above) are some of my favorite that I have ever seen!

And Droplet states off our Five today!

1. Droplet

The mission of this group is great: too many women discontinue breastfeeding prematurely for reasons like “I don’t think I’m making enough milk.” Actually, I worked with a wise lactation consultant in Alaska and she said it this way “Every woman who has ever breastfed thinks she doesn’t make enough milk for her baby.” Yes, I think that’s true too.

But Droplet is out to change that. They have simple, cute videos for mamas to watch before delivery to prepare for the big day. Their website is really cute too.

This is going on my list to recommend ASAP.

2. This article published this month in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology MFM about postpartum care during the pandemic.

The authors found a few unsurprising themes, but putting numbers to the themes should help spotlight the need for improvement this year.

  • Patients that delivered in the pandemic were 97% LESS likely to receive a depression screening.
  • Patients that delivered in the pandemic were 33% LESS likely to initiate a long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC).

Both of these are unsurprising, especially with telehealth and limited visits. But oh my goodness, we gotta screen for depression better in 2021 than 2020!


3. GYN Zone

I was invited to take a peek into GYN Zone and was happy to see what the site offers. The videos on this platform are outstanding for any birth provider – resident, midwife, doula, birth assistant. They are in depth reviews of laceration types, laceration repairs, and pelvic floor anatomy. The site hosts a whole library of videos that any new practitioner would benefit from. Plus, they offer multiple examples of each type or repair (this is helpful since vaginas look different depending on skin color, edema, etc).

I didn’t receive any compensation for the mention. They reached out to me and offered a sneak peak. It’s definitely a site to recommend and I added it to the MAKE MORE MIDWIVES page for students and midwives to reference 🙂

4. Menstrual equity everywhere.

Seems trivial in the United States right? Globally, it’s a real issue for girls and women. Love, love, love this premise. A reusable pad for girls and women to wear on their period so they can get back to their lives.

Melinda Gates’ book The Moment of Lift talks a lot about menstrual equality and the role the Gates Foundation has played in this movement globally. I’ve recommended it before and still do (loved the audio).

Check out their reusable pads here. Follow this fantastic initiative on the insta here! Shout out to Kaitlyn for this spotlight!

5. This eye opening video about the inside of Planned Parenthood.

This is an OB/GYN that had a residency in Indiana that had an abortion program embedded in their physician training program. She then went on to work for Planned Parenthood for 3 years before realizing that she wanted to pursue and practice pro-life medicine.

She talks about how Planned Parenthood is an organization for profit. And that she would spend one day delivering babies on the labor and delivery ward and the next day doing 8-10 abortions in the clinic. The clinic told her that 8-10 abortions were needed a day before a profit could be made.

She also talks about how she didn’t even meet the patient before the abortion. She only had a few minutes beforehand to talk to the patient and she reflects on how many women seemed unsure about their decision. She speaks to the lack of patient-provider relationship and the lack of counseling about the abortion before the abortion is actually performed.

She offers this great advice too: Women, men and families are affected by abortion far more than they will ever admit. It’s most important to love people where they are and let them share about their experiences.

If this perspective is new to you, I also recommend this video of three women that worked in the abortion industry:

This Five was supposed to out last week, but….a 24 hour shift happened instead and that means the goodies overflowed to this week!

Other goodies…

  • The Curbsiders podcast. I love this podcast. It a group of internal medicine physicians that come together and go over ALL the diagnoses. I liked this podcast about dermatologic conditions in primary care. Whether you are a provider treating dermatologic conditions or a human with skin (that would be everyone folks), this was worth the hour listen. Also, if you need CEs (continuing education credits), you can get those for FREE from VCU. Win/win!

What’s planned for your weekend?! We don’t have any school age babes yet, but I know lots of people are exhaling after a week after back to school.

Dear Fall, I’m ready for cozy sweaters, red leaves, and cool breezes. Starbucks put pumpkin spice back on the menu this week…could you also come a little sooner?

Have a great weekend 🙂


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