Midwife Monday: How To Organize Your License and Certification Information

I really thought about putting this up on the blog for some kind of fee-for-download. But, in total truth, the behind the scenes to make that happen is far more than I am able to teach myself right now. Coding is another language. It’s learnable, but it’s not more important to me than sleep.

Instead, this amazing organization tool is on the blog for FREE.

I’ve been a nurse since 2008. And every year I have to sit down and do the same mental juggle to figure out which certifications are due when, which ones I have to do continuing education for, and which ones I need to find my login to. It’s kind of ridiculous how much there is to maintain. But alas, that’s why they let me catch the cute babies.

Anyone could use the template as a start and adjust it as they need to – physicians, nurses, radiology techs, you name it. The idea is it makes the upkeep of your licenses and certifications less of a hassle.

One of the best benefits is when you need your membership or license numbers on quick glance. I’ve run into this on multiple occasions. It makes it so easy to get the information you need quickly and move on with your day!

You may also be wondering if this is something that should have been reviewed in nurse midwifery school?

Well, this would have been such a blessing to have had. But I didn’t get any lecture on organization of anything after you pass boards. Oh my goodness, there is so much to learn and it is similar to a firehouse in your face while you’re trying to catch babies. But a single 10 minute lecture about the importance of this type of organization could help so many young midwives.

I’ve been using this version since 2008, but the document recently got an update. One of the columns I added came from a fellow midwife (shout out to Sam). She recommended adding a column for annual cost. And if you’re wondering how expensive it is to be a midwife, this column will tell you very quickly. I found it helpful to have at budget meetings in our household too.

So share, share, share, and download, download, download.

Nurse, nurse practitioner, provider of any type…this will make your professional life just a little bit easier. Make sure you password protect it or keep it in a safe place. Happy organizing!

Download the tool here.


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  1. Trisha Mast says:

    I keep a photo of the licensure section of my résumé on my phone, and just edit the picture as I update my certs. Kind of ghetto, but it works for me. 🤣

    1. Love this idea. I can’t ever find photos on my phone when I need them. This is a new goal for me to work on 🙂

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