Friday Five (#45)

One World Trade Center lit up pink!

Happy day! I’m recovering from a 24 hour shift today. Did you see the post from Monday about how to recover from a 24 hour shift? I had some great comments about other things you can do: make sure you’re resting during your shift, staying hydrated and eating during your shift and going home with realistic expectations! Love all the feedback. We’re better together 🙂

Although October is almost gone, we can’t let it slip away without a nod to the traditional pink that seeps into everything for breast cancer awareness. New York City lit up some major landmarks in pink this past Monday – you can check out all the hot pink in the big city here.


My grandmother had breast cancer in her early 70s that was caught by an annual mammogram and she recovered with surgery and radiation. She then lived another 15 years. I know that’s not the ending for every story, but I think some general education and awareness can go a long way. The National Breast Cancer Foundation offers a series of educational booklets that are helpful to almost any woman with questions about breast cancer, screening recommendations or benign conditions of breasts.


This article about breastfeeding and breast cancer was also interesting – we typically counsel that breastfeeding reduces your risk for breast cancer, but I didn’t know about these caveats!

Do you guys think we do a good job counseling about the maternal benefits of breastfeeding? I personally feel like it’s an uphill battle against time. You usually have to choose which benefits you are going to counsel on.

This is a good example…


I liked that the study notes that the longer you breastfed, the better the cognitive performance! Win, win. More baby snuggles = more brain power.

And lastly, this is worth highlighting and hopefully isn’t vaccine overkill in the setting of a pandemic.


This video shows how the vaccine works (if you’re curious). Let’s get to the Five!

1. This video on how to get knots out of your back with a tennis ball.

I pulled a muscle in my back about 6 weeks ago that has been really bothersome when I’ve been in bed or changing position in my sleep. It was below my scapula and in my mid back, so naturally, a hard place to get back to and massage. So I googled how to get knots out of your back with a tennis ball and stumbled on these guys!

Their tip to lay on the floor with a tennis ball under your back at your point of tenderness worked WONDERS on my back and I feel like a new human.

2. Menopause Unmuted


I’ve been taking care of a lot of women with perimenopause and menopausal symptoms in clinic. I was looking for something to polish my counseling and skills and found this little gem.

3. PUMP Act passes the House!

Wahoo! Keep an ear to the ground for when this act moves through the Senate for a vote.

One of the things I did this year was set up a monthly donation to a cause that I am passionate about – breastfeeding. It has been such a good investment for me as a mama and a midwife. I stay up to date with legislation, write to my legislators, and share resources with my patients. If you’re looking for a good cause, check out the USBC.

4. October is also Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month

Safe sleep for your infant is so important. The concepts are very basic. These videos are a great reminder of the basics.

Also, if you have questions about crib safety, visit or contact CPSC at 1-800-638-2772.

If you are looking for a handout for a clinic or office, this is a great one. I always think putting something up in the bathroom is a surefire way to get anything read!


5. Free Webinars in November from GYNZone.

I highlighted GYNZone a while back. They have some great tools for education for all OB providers. Katrine reached out with a list of FREE offerings they have scheduled and I wanted to pass along the link to the Facebook events for those interested.

  • November 2nd: Sara Kindberg: Are you comfortable with your stitches? Early secondary repair and more
  • November 5th: Peggy Seehafer: The history of the episiotomy and current research
  • November 8th: Hilary Schlinger: Prevention of perineal injury – How can midwives contribute to a reduction in perineal injury during vaginal birth?
  • November 11th: Malene Hegenberger: Optimal working conditions during perineal repair

That’s wrap guys! I’m working on an over the counter medication list handout – this one is a request from a fellow midwife. Anything in particular mamas or midwives want on an OTC handout? I’m already thinking links to and a few others in addition to the common medications women ask about in pregnancy.

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