Safe Over the Counter Medications in Pregnancy – New Handout!

Howdy! We spent Halloween as the Incredible family. When you have girl-boy-baby boy, it just makes sense. It was super fun to dress up with the kids – I think they got a kick out of mama and dad dressed up more than anything else. Well, that and the candy.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Today’s handout comes via a request from a fellow midwife. She sent me a text message and asked if I would please make a handout for patients for OTC medications.

I’ve struggled to find a good one too. They’re not on the internet. It varies from practice to practice too. Some practices include the information in a new OB packet, some put information on a website, and some don’t offer any information at all.

I usually end up writing medications on check out sheets…

So, I took a look at everything I could find and came up with this!

One of the things that I think is most important is a resource to ask medication questions about during pregnancy. So I added those as well (MotherToBaby, Treating for Two,, LactMed, the FDA and March of Dimes).

Many of these resources offer toll free numbers or online chat services to mamas.

Let me know what you guys think! As always, this is a first draft. I tend to update the handouts every few months and the version is always on the bottom of the handout.

Download yours today over on the TOOLS & HANDOUTS page. Share widely but please credit the source!

Enjoy those fall leaves wherever you may be. I think that coffee even tastes better this time of year.



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