Midwife Monday: A COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy Reference Guide for Clinicians from the CMQCC


Hello, hello! And happy weekday to you!

I caught some babies over the weekend and it was lovely. I even snuck in a mama that birthed on hands and knees and I did a hands off delivery! Very mid-wifey 🙂

I was checking email this weekend and got my monthly update from CMQCC (California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative. If you wonder where I get a lot of my resources or recommendation from, some come from these monthly newsletters.

This one was worth sharing ASAP!

Dr. Christina Han put together this quick reference for providers to use with pregnant patients.

QR codes are included for a quick link to the studies for more information.

I thought it was done, very simple and easy to understand for provider and patient.

Print one for your desk, clinic room or just save to your phone for reference.

Anyone else have a helpful tool for teaching?

To date, the conversation guide by ACOG is my favorite. It was recently updated in October 2021 for those that didn’t see the updated version.

That’s it for today!

See you Wednesday…



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