Happy Birthday to A Midwife Nation!

Fun fact – This little guy shares a birthday with the blog!

Each year I take a look at the the reasons why I have a blog. I like to go back to why did I start a blog. Is it helping the midwifery profession and women? What has changed in the past year and what needs to change on the blog? What isn’t needed anymore and what needs to be done better? What evidence did I miss…or, what evidence is available but isn’t at the bedside yet and should be, but isn’t, the standard of care?

Most days, it seems like it is an uphill battle.

But then you have a few births where these things happen:

A mama delivers on hands and knees.

A father births the baby through your gentle coaching.

A surprise gender is announced – and everyone is surprised.

You do a hands off birth.

And you know in your bones, this is what I am supposed to be doing. Your cup is refilled and you roll out your shoulders and try to release some back and neck tension before ducking your head and scooting to the next mama in need.

Last year, I went back and read the ABOUT page. I did it again this year and updated it a bit. This is my why. It’s why I make time after the kids go to bed to work on prenatal templates. It’s why I continue to take midwifery students and to try and teach them everything I know in the short time we have with them. It’s why I try to be better every year when it would be easier to just stay the same.

But I keep having idea fairies. And I keep thinking about the blog during all my other mama, wife, sister, friend and midwife activities. And I take that as a sign that I’m in the right place doing the right thing.

This next year, we’ll finish the prenatal templates (if you missed them, they’re here) and I got a postpartum series to help round out the templates but also to enhance postpartum care from birth to the 1st year. Writing goals down helps keep me accountable – so you guys keep me on track!

Thank you to everyone who reads and recommends the blog. It’s the greatest compliment you could give and I am truly honored.

In gratitude,


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