How to Heal Those Dry, Cracked Hands!

Hello! I’ve got a quick Midwife Monday tip for the hundreds of beautiful hands out there catching babies and caring for mamas. Whether you’re in the hospital, the clinic or in the birth/home settings, we’ve all been washing our hands and using hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style this pandemic. (Side note: Does anyone wonder how much money Lysol made this past two years? Also, what happened to the lipstick industry?). Okay, back on track.

Anyways, my 24 hour shifts involve an insane amount of hand washing and hand sanitizing and my hands take the brunt of it. Since the pandemic, my ring fingers on both hands (also the fingers that I actually wear rings on too) have developed eczema in the areas of my finger webbing and where my rings lay.

Before the pandemic, I never had eczema and the only change I’ve been able to point to was the increase in hand sanitizer use.

Enter…Cerave Healing Ointment. I hope you know about this product. If you don’t, please let me share the good news!

This product was prescribed by a pediatrician for my son’s terrible eczema. He was amazing. He explained why he didn’t recommend eucerin or vaseline and specifically recommended this product. And it worked. Two years later, we still use it for my son one to two times a day to keep the eczema at bay.

Last year I started using it on my hands before bedtime and especially after 24 hour shifts. It has done wonders for maintaining healthy skin.

I keep a small bottle in my work bag for when I start to notice a patch of eczema or dry skin brewing.

The large tubs run about $20 but they last a year or so. The small bottles last a little less but it probably depends how much you’re using it!

Here’s to smooth, healthy skin on your hands in 2022.



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