Updated Templates Emphasis Prenatal Resources And FAQs For Each Visit!

Why is prenatal care important?

The answer is simple: Women that receive prenatal care early and often have healthier babies.

And just as a reminder, it’s written in the corner of every prenatal template!

But isn’t prenatal care just going to the provider’s office, getting your vital signs taken, and listening to the baby? Nope, it’s much more than that.

The new templates take prenatal visits to the next level. Behind the scenes, I’ve been toying around with the resources section and trying to get the information that’s pertinent to the prenatal visit on THAT specific template.

It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle in the dark.

But when you get the puzzle right, the finished product looks amazing!

Take the 16 week template for example. Common questions at that visit include:

  • Can I eat fish during pregnancy?
  • Can I travel during pregnancy?
  • What can I do for constipation?
  • Is okay to have sex during pregnancy?
  • What can I do for nausea/vomiting during pregnancy?
  • What can I do for round ligament pain during pregnancy?
  • What are my options after having a C/S?

The template guides mamas and providers through those common questions and offers a way to access more information if the mama desires after her visit.

I also added an area for book recommendations. These are the books that I kept writing down on paper towels, sticky notes, or other handouts in the clinic room to give to the mama to take home and review.

And just a reminder, there are always resources on every template for women to access help for mental health, substance abuse or domestic violence.

Check out the TOOLS page for the updated templates today!



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