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If you’re a long time reader of the blog, usually spring time means a series on the state of midwifery. This year I opted to skip the series because we’re still in the throes of a pandemic. There have been some great changes in how prenatal care was delivered – enter telehealth, increases in home birth – but a lot of us are still in survival mode.

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Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a bigger project related to the state of midwifery. Not too long ago I realized that resources from state to state are not widely shared. I noticed this trend while updating the RESOURCES page and also moving between states across my midwifery career. There’s also not a great place to review resources across states. Enter a new page that launches soon – STATE RESOURCES.

The page will be a place for all resources related to birth, but organized by state. Women, providers, midwives, etc. can search by their state, or, they can look to nearby states or other states for available resources or ideas for initiatives in their own state.

Most of my resources are ones that I use, have posted or shared on the blog, or ones that are recommended by others.

I’d love to hear which ones you guys love and want to spotlight. Think of it as free advertising if you’d like; I like to think of it as sharing and transparency.

Add a comment or send me an email with your resources. The page should launch next month!



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