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Today was a milestone. I submitted what I think is the LAST edited version of a manuscript that will hopefully be published in the fall (fingers crossed!). And my littles napped long enough for me to put the final touches on the 38 and 39-40 week templates. And then I was able to upload them! #wins

Maybe it’s the energy that comes with 16 weeks of pregnancy (praise hands here as well…).

These templates cover everything that I think we should be covering in the clinic at these visits.

The 38 week visit covers the types of fetal heart rate monitoring, membrane sweeps, eating in labor (yes, you can and should), labor positions, and a review of what to pack in your hospital bag (heating pad…heating pad…and heating pad!).

The 39 week visit covers cervical exams, membrane sweeps (again, but important), group beta strep prophylaxis, induction of labor, when to go to the hospital, and what to expect on the postpartum unit.

Both templates also have the bishop score built right into the top of the template next to the follow up. This may be a passion point for me, but I spend A LOT of time talking about where your is and where it needs to go and how we get it to go there. Can anyone else relate?!

I also think that women decide one of two things after you complete education about cervical exams:

  • Yes, they still may want an induction…but they have a much better understanding of what an induction entails and how the interventions for inductions change the cervix to a more favorable state.
  • No, but thank you for the information. Some women hear about their closed cervix, prostaglandins and cervical balloons and decide it’s not for them. They’ll wait for active labor or hold out for a postdates induction. (To me, this is similar to the 75% of women in the ARRIVE trial that declined participation in the trial because they didn’t want to be induced.)

Anyways, I’m curious to see who uses this part of the templates. I know some providers and practices routinely perform cervical exams at 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 week visits – I wonder if a prompt and some basic education on why a cervical exam is performed would change that culture or practice.

Two more highlights about the templates!

Did you know they all have a link to find a midwife?

Just wanted to point out that feature in case you have a mama that is interested in midwifery care but isn’t sure how to find one.

Last highlight is that all of the templates were updated and the newest versions are all uploaded on the TOOLS & HANDOUTS page. If you aren’t sure which version you have, the version number and date of update is at the bottom of every tool.

Remember, they’re free to share but please credit the source.

Can’t wait to see what you guys think about the new tools!

xoxo, Jamie

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