The BEST Contraception and Family Planning Shared Decision-Making Tool

Disclaimer: Best is my opinion. But I have spent hundreds of hours reading about contraception and contraceptive counseling. And many of those hours have been spent pouring over existing contraceptive tools. I came to a point in my DNP program where my faculty advisor told me “Well, you’re just going to have to make a new tool.”

At that point I was pregnant with babe #3, the pandemic had just blown up overnight, and I had no idea how to make tools.

Alas, you can teach yourself anything as long as you’re willing to try. And Canva is an amazing platform that did most of the work once I input the information. Also, thanks mom for the decade spent scrapbooking Creative Memories scrapbooks on the weekends – that arts ‘n’ craft skill came in handy when designing the tool.

I’ve been making a list behind the scenes of things to update in the tool. For starters, Phexxi, a contraceptive gel, came on the market and doesn’t quite fall into the spermicide category. I also wanted to add more resources. Most women shouldn’t get all of their contraception information from social media and it’s important to guide patients and families to the right sources.

I also wanted to highlight lactation amenorrhea method. ACOG and the CDC recommend counseling on this method to women, but I think it gets overlooked quite often. It’s not a method for everyone, but it’s a method that some women are really empower by.

I spent the past few days fine tuning the tool into a single page, double sided tool that folds like a booklet. I lightened up the colors for those that use the tool in color (which I highly recommend). And I did a lot of pixel editing (straightening edges and alignment).

Anyways, you can check it out on the TOOLS & HANDOUTS page. The tool is free. Please share widely and credit the source. For patients, you could print the tool out and complete it prior to a visit with your provider too! Providers, I use this tool in practice during pregnancy, well woman visits, abnormal uterine bleeding consults, and contraceptive consults.

And if you’re interested in other contraceptive tools, these are the others that are helpful in clinic:

Can’t wait to see what you guys think!



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