Happy Midwifery Week!

In honor of the week, here are some of the best posts on the blog about all things midwifery.

To each of you that are a midwife, this is the most wonderful and difficult calling of a lifetime (other than marriage and parenting IMO!). Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for the pages you answer at 3am. Thank for the 4 hour second stages. Thank you for precepting aspiring midwives. Thank you for the endless number of conversations to calm fear and reassure that birth and labor and pregnancy are normal processes for a woman. Thank you for showing up, waving the flag of midwifery, and staying true to low interventions in the face of many forces of medicine saying otherwise.

It’s an absolute pleasure to stand shoulder to shoulder with you all. May God continue to bless your paths, your hands and your spirits!

xoxo, Jamie

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