Gift Ideas for Midwives or Birth Workers

This post has been in the docket for a while. I have randomly added to the list for over a year but think it’s about time to share. Holidays are on the way and you may want to shower your favorite midwife, birth worker, doula, OB/GYN or labor and delivery nurse with one of these goodies.

Or, you’re a mama or family that wants to say THANK YOU in a special way to the provider that helped bring your little one into the world. Or, you just want to thank the awesome team of midwives you work with. Regardless, here’s a list of thank you gifts that are sure to bring a smile to any midwife or birth workers’ face.

There may be Amazon affiliate links on this page; any affiliate monies go to the mission and vision of A Midwife Nation. Nothing costs you more, but you’re helping make more midwives. Pretty righteous.

All the Etsy products are just good old recommendations that aren’t made in China. Support USA made stuff whenever you can.

Let’s do it.

Fun Birth or Teaching Tools

Love these wooden teaching tools. The first is to help teach the baby’s position in the pelvis, the second demonstrates how open, or dilated, the cervix is. Both are great to have in the office to teach clients or students.

Also love this cloth model set from MamAmorDolls; made in Canada (not China…hooray!) since 2007.

I personally met the owner at an ACNM convention and she was lovely. The cloth pelvis, baby, placenta and sac are so well made – I was absolutely impressed at the quality. This type of teaching tool is an investment – but one that you would have for decades to come!

Also loved this variety pack of cloth breasts for teaching as well.

Some of their products do sell out but they have email lists set up to notify you when they are back in stock. You can also contact

Vagina Ornaments

Love these so much. My sweet co-worker Lauren gifted these to the midwife team back in 2015 and it still hangs at the top of the tree every year. It’s one of my favorite ornaments.

Prayer Journal

Have a midwife that is a prayer warrior? I recommend this prayer journal! I have used it for years and it was impacted my prayer and spiritual walk as a Christian more than I can say. The journal comes in beautiful colors and will be a cherished piece of any quiet time. (No affiliations, just love the product.)


If you’ve seen your midwife wear a headband, then they are sure love this as a gift. There are a lot of bodily fluids that fly about in birth – a headband is definitely handy to have around! Don’t feel like you have to stick to a birth theme – these sure are cute though! These patterns were sold out, but this shop has some cute ones in stock.

Placenta Coffee Mugs

Highly recommend following @thelumpymug on instagram.

Former labor and delivery nurse turned placenta mug artist, this designer creates the most beautiful mugs highlighting the organ that makes pregnancy possible. Better yet, you’re supporting a local designer and a USA-made product. I’ll take one of all of them please.

Chapstick Holder For Badge/Bag

These are so great in the middle of the night or the middle of clinic when you just need a quick moisturizing to the lips! Find them in a bunch of places online, but there are some super cute ones on Etsy.

Toiletry Bag


If you’ve followed the blog for a while, I posted a what to pack for your 24 hour shift a while back. The short version is this – midwives could easily be compared to pack mules. A washable, cute toiletry bag to get you through the long shifts and sleepless nights? Yes please!

Bag Decor

Want to add a little art to the work bag, lanyard or badge? These artful pins do just that!

New Pumping/Nursing Bag

Let’s be honest. Your work bag takes the biggest hit of all the bags in your house – except maybe your purse. And all that depends on how often you use your purse…

Make it practical and stylish if you’re pumping and invest in a bag that meets your needs as a nursing mum.

No affiliates here, but Sarah Wells bags are cute and practical. Spoil a midwife or birth worker you know and help them get nursing and work done in style. Love me some Vera Bradley too.

Truth: Most birth workers are bag ladies…we have. alot. ofstuff to carry around.

Badge or Lanyard Decor

Birth staff are well known for the quirky badges they wear. Shower your midwife with a new badge or lanyard – or both! Some providers prefer a badge over a lanyard, or vice versa.

August Sweatshirt

Unisex Hoodie: Periods Make Human Life Possible

August is a great company that continues to bring periods into the spotlight in attempt to normalize the bleeding that makes human life possible. If you’re midwife is a hoodie lover, don’t discount this one!

NICU Motherhood Stickers

Looking for a NICU themed gift? Try the Dear NICU Mama shop. Their motherhood stickers are simple but offer some powerful imagery.

Car Stickers

Simple, but awesome. Pair this with any of the other gift ideas to round out a spectacular thank you gift.

Coffee Mug Stickers

The options for coffee mug or computer decals are endless! Pick a few or your favorite.

Coffee Mugs

There are many mugs to choose from! Pair this with your favorite coffee, tea or gift card 🙂

Baby Catcher Sweatshirt

Love this simple design with the synonym for midwife. I can see almost any midwife loving this gift on a cool fall day!

The Peanut Ball Book

If a peanut ball was used in your labor, then your midwife will likely love this book! A great reference for any provider, but something that will surely be appreciated on any unit already using peanut balls. Get it on Amazon here or from Premier Birth Tools here.

Got a bookish midwife to dote on? Check out the BOOKS page for alllll the recommendations.

A Funny, Sweet or Quirky Card

Looking for other things that might make a good gift or to pair with something above?

Midwives or birth workers are often looking for…

  • A hot beverage (coffee or tea) – try a Starbucks or local tea/coffee shop gift card
  • Chapstick
  • Chocolate
  • Mints or gum

Hope you all like the ideas! Comment below if you have something else to suggest. This is such a fun group of humans to give back to and the gift possibilities are endless.



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