What happens at my visits during pregnancy?

This seems like a straightforward question – what happens at my pregnancy visits – but I spend a lot of time talking about the current and upcoming visit’s components.

Common questions include:

When can I find out the gender of my baby?

When is my next ultrasound?

When do I have to take that glucose test?

When will my cervix be checked?

What’s an induction and do I need one?

What childbirth classes do you recommend?

How do I prepare for breastfeeding?

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that are asked!

To me, the first visit is the most overwhelming to mamas. You’re nervous about the ultrasound, wonder what your due ate will be, are overwhelmed by genetic testing, unsure about your family history and you are bewildered by the number of tubes of blood that are recommended for “baseline pregnancy labs.”


I saw the overwhelm in mamas in my own practice and thought…there really should be a better guide. Not another What to Expect When You’re Expecting book…something that’s more dynamic and offers education and resources.

That’s why I wrote a post on each visit of pregnancy and then made a template to guide the visit, offer resources, and give you the most evidence based, up to date, information you need to feel prepared for your pregnancy.

If you missed the posts, you can catch them here. A lot of the resources on the templates are in each of the posts:

Your First Pregnancy Visit

The 16 Week Visit

The 20 Week Visit

The 24 Week Visit

The 28 Week Visit

The 32 Week Visit

The 36 Week Visit

To me, you shouldn’t have to ask what your blood pressure, weight gain, fundal height or baby’s heart rate is during your visit.

But a lot of providers just say:

“Everything sounds great, see you in 2-4 weeks.”

To me, this is not okay. There is an opportunity to give better care to everyone. On average, a woman sees her provider for about 10 visits from first pregnancy visit to the postpartum visit. That is a lot of time to provide education, guidance and answer all the questions a mama could possibly have.

Wondering where you get your templates to make pregnancy care better? Invest in yourself and your pregnancy HERE!

Part of the responsibility for education lies with providers, but the longer I’ve practiced, the responsibility also lies with mamas demanding better care, asking better questions and looking for places to get better education about pregnancy.

I haven’t posted a recap of what to expect in your pregnancy visits before…so here it is!

And if you know a mama that is expecting soon, share this post with her to help her prepare for upcoming pregnancy visits, breastfeeding, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

In the mean time, we’re waiting for labor around here for babe #4! Stay tuned for squishy newborn pictures 🙂



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