Kim’s Adoption Story

Happy Monday friends! Today is a special post. I have a dear friend that is sharing her adoption story. This is a friend that looked at me 13 years ago and said at an employee orientation “We’re going to be best friends.” We had never met before that day at orientation. And she was exactly…

Friday Five (#43)

Ya’ll, this might be my favorite Five so far this year. First, I discovered Droplet. Their animations and pictures (see above) are some of my favorite that I have ever seen! And Droplet states off our Five today! 1. Droplet The mission of this group is great: too many women discontinue breastfeeding prematurely for reasons…

Women Ask Wednesday Recap!

Happy middle of the week. I am seriously hoping to catch some babies this week as I venture back into the labor and delivery arena after a few months out of work. I can hear those little newborn cries already! When I set out to start the blog, I thought a lot (and still think…

16 Week Template is LIVE!

It’s kind of like Christmas in July…but it’s August. And this template took me the entire summer. But the 16 week template is LIVE! Check it out on TOOLS & HANDOUTS for free download and sharing. Sneak peaks are below… Just a reminder, these areas of emphasis are just themes of the 16 week visit….

Friday Five (#42)

Hello weekend, I am so glad you’re here! I spent the week in orientation for the new job. Does anyone else always feel a little mentally exhausted learning a new system’s way of doing things? I’m looking forward to some couch time this weekend. Onto the Five. It was a busy week in the news….

Friday Five (#41)

Hey hey hey! Hope your week was great! Our week was full of more potty training, unpacking and organizing (in between all the mothering!). And so much baby drooling. Bless this little man. So much drool, not a tooth in sight, and smiles all the day long. This Five was really fun to put together….