Make more midwives. It seems simple. It’s actually a multi-faceted, convoluted puzzle. This page is a place to bring it all together and to give women, mamas, midwives…anyone, the tools they need to help make more midwives.

How do we make more midwives?

Check out these posts on the state (and future) of midwifery:

Where can I attend midwifery training?

“Disruption is a choice. It either happens to you or because of you.” — Brian Solis

The list below details midwifery training programs in the United States. The tracks are divided between CNM and CPM offerings based on the desired career track (keep in mind, many CNM schools also offer dual training for a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner). This is not an all inclusive list but it my best effort to keep the list up to date (I truly wish I would have had a list like this when I was looking at midwifery schools in 2010). The schools differ greatly from one to another and I’ve tried to highlight the differences among the degree types. I strongly recommend doing your own research before committing to a school/degree plan! Lastly, sometimes you have to move cities to follow your dreams – don’t rule out a school because it’s too far away (read about my journey to midwifery here).

CNM (certified nurse midwife) programs

CPM (certified professional midwife) programs

How is midwifery training funded?

Like any other training, training takes money. Most people take out loans for midwifery training. But you don’t need to bear the entire cost yourself! Check out these finance websites, scholarships and loan repayment opportunities! Have a scholarship opportunity to share? Let me know here so we can keep the list up to date and get the most monies in your pocket. Lastly, if you review the list and missed some deadlines this year, take a moment now and put the deadlines on your calendar for next year! Most scholarships are due the same time every year.

What is it like to be a midwifery student? What can I expect during the journey?

What books do you recommend for midwifery students?

I usually can’t recommend just one…but I keep an updated list on the BOOKS & MORE page for midwives, aspiring midwives, mamas, women and more! (Side note: all purchases through the book page help support A Midwife Nation! Help us bring more scholarships and opportunities back to aspiring midwives!)

How can I support midwifery?

  • Are you in need of well woman, pregnancy, postpartum, birth or newborn care? Find a midwife in your community! Seek out their services. By choosing to see a midwife, you are showing your support!
  • Spread the word about who midwives are and what midwives offer! Share A Midwife Nation with them. Share your story. A Midwife Nation features birth stories and women’s stories regularly – share you story here!
  • Are you a member of the professional midwifery organizations? Your annual membership fee does a great amount of good towards lobbying on capital hill. If you’re like me and your life is consumed by mamahood, midwifery, and family with little time for advocacy – use your money to show your support for the profession.
  • Are you midwifery school faculty or program directors?
  • Support A Midwife Nation!
    • My dream is to be able to support people trying to become midwives and to help all women have access to a midwife. I’d love to be able to bless people with scholarships to ease the financial burden of midwifery school and put more midwives out into your community!
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I’m loving all things midwifery. What other cool experiences are out there?

Together we can make more midwives! Have a great resource to add or an update to a current resource? Let me know here.

Good luck on your journey. Let us know how we can help!