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Make more midwives. It seems simple. It’s actually a multi-faceted, convoluted puzzle. This page is a place to bring it all together and to give anyone the tools they need to help make more midwives.

How do we make more midwives?

Check out these posts on the state (and future) of midwifery.




How can I learn more about midwifery?

I recommend checking out these articles and looking into these websites/organizations.

From CMQCC (December 20, 2022):

Where can I attend midwifery training?

The list below details midwifery training programs in the United States. The tracks are divided between CNM and CPM offerings based on the desired career track (keep in mind, many CNM schools also offer dual training for a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner). This is not an all inclusive list but it my best effort to keep the list up to date (I truly wish I would have had a list like this when I was looking at midwifery schools in 2010). The schools differ greatly from one to another and I’ve tried to highlight the differences among the degree types. I strongly recommend doing your own research before committing to a school/degree plan! Lastly, sometimes you have to move cities to follow your dreams – don’t rule out a school because it’s too far away (read about my journey to midwifery here).

CNM (certified nurse midwife) programs

CPM (certified professional midwife) programs

The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council keeps an ongoing list of current schools and schools in pre-accreditation phases here.

Other birth programs

Midwifery training will give you the skills to be a midwife and pass your certification exams, but won’t teach you the skills you need to succeed after graduation and create a sustainable career as a provider. The Successful Student Midwife guide offers in-depth success tips for school, after graduation, and in your first few years as a provider.

There are extensive reading lists to build a strong foundation of midwifery skills, time management skills and health care history. There is an interview prep guide with interview questions to help you prepare and rock you interviews – and when you get the job, there are guides to get you through your clinics and 24-hr shifts with less stress, more efficiency and plans to get you back home to your family and couch for recharging and rest.

The guide is a lifetime purchase – you buy it once, you get access to every updated version as long as it is updated. You could complete midwifery school without the guide – but you’re going to have to learn all the lessons in the guide on your own: through your own experience. It has taken me a decade to learn how to practice efficiently and so that I don’t burnout as a midwife. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the lessons I missed early and start your midwifery journey prepared.

The 62-page guide includes:

This guide is the first step to helping you rock midwifery school – get yours today!

Get your guide today, brew a cup of coffee, find a comfy reading chair, and set yourself up for success!

Already a midwife but looking to complete a fellowship? Check out these fellowship opportunities…

How is midwifery training funded?

Like any other training, training takes money. Most people take out loans for midwifery training. But you don’t need to bear the entire cost yourself! Check out these finance websites, scholarships and loan repayment opportunities! Lastly, if you review the list and missed some deadlines this year, take a moment now and put the deadlines on your calendar for next year! Most scholarships are due the same time every year.

Also consider reading this post: The Cost of Being A Midwife. School is just the first cost in a long line of annual costs to maintain your training.

Get out of debt and get your finances in order!

Loan repayment options

Military service


Other resources…

For military spouses/families

Other ways to earn some cash…

What books do you recommend for midwifery students?

I usually can’t recommend just one book…but I keep an updated list on the BOOKS & MORE page for midwives, aspiring midwives, mamas, women and more!

Where can I look for midwife jobs?

Try these sites and good luck!

How do I prepare for my first job interview?

Check out these great resources…

I’m already a midwife, but I want to improve my practice. What resources or practices do you recommend?

I’m not a midwife yet but want to learn how to assist in births.

Check out these courses…

How can I support midwifery?

I’m loving all things midwifery. What other cool experiences are out there?

Together we can make more midwives! Have a great resource to add or an update to a current resource? Let me know here.

Good luck on your journey.

Let me know how I can help – email me at amidwifenation@gmail.com!

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