Your First Pregnancy Visit through 40 weeks: 9 Templates to Guide PATIENTS, PROVIDERS or STUDENTS (Digital Download) – Plus 2 BONUS Handouts for FREE!



*For Patients, Clients, Mamabears, Women, and Pregnant People…*

  • Are your pregnancy visits with the provider only 5 minutes?
  • Do you feel that you should be getting more out of your office visits and your prenatal care?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information online and aren’t sure what to read, believe or learn?!
  • Are you looking for the facts, the evidence and the unbiased support for your pregnancy, baby and family?

Your solution is here.

Use these NINE templates as a guide to guide your care from your first visit at 10 weeks to your visit at 40 weeks. I’ve been a certified nurse midwife for 10 years and I’m a mama of three. I know first hand where the healthcare system needs to improve and what mamas need. These templates will fill the gaps that aren’t being addressed in your care while pointing you to the resources you need and want!

How do I use them?

Easy! Before each visit with your provider, take some time to either print or review each template. You’ll know what to expect at the visit before you arrive and will be prepared to ask the questions or concerns you have particular to YOUR pregnancy (even better – write your questions for your provider on the template!).

The templates offer the education that you should be receiving based on the current evidence and guidelines.

But where does the education and the guidance come from?

The links to the evidence, articles and guidelines are all included on templates as hyperlinks – so you can go straight to the source and read even more.

What else is included?

The templates also cover routines blood draws/lab tests, vaccines, and ultrasounds done in pregnancy.

The FAQ section reviews the most common questions asked at those visits by mamas! The answers all have hyperlinks that you can click on to watch videos, listen to podcasts, or review more education particular to the topic or education.

Then each template ends with a list of recommended apps, books, podcasts and educational social media accounts to follow (these aren’t a promotion or paid ad – these are the accounts or platforms offering consistent education that is encouraging and evidence based!).

Why should I invest in these templates?

The templates are the same price as a book on pregnancy – but they offer you so much more. The templates will guide you step by step through each pregnancy visit, offer the resources and education you need, and prepare you for birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period.

Don’t wait another moment! These are truly an investment in YOU, your BABY and your FAMILY.

Your immediate download includes all 9 templates in a combined PDF plus the 2 bonus handouts for free (see details below). Purchase is good for 1 download – so be sure to save your PDF!


*For Providers or Students*

Looking for a way to revamp your prenatal visits and increase your patient satisfaction to new levels?

Use these NINE templates to make prenatal education at every pregnancy visit efficient, thorough and evidence-based. These templates cover important education for each gestational age as well as anticipatory guidance for upcoming lab testing or ultrasounds.

The templates are unique and I haven’t seen anything else like then in almost 15 years of practice.

Each template guides the provider and the patient through the components of a prenatal visit based on current evidence and includes additional resources based on patient symptoms, FAQs or concerns. App, podcast, book and instagram recommendations are also included and tailored to each visit (mamas really appreciate this feature!). References are included on every template so you know exactly where the evidence/education came from.

Use these for a myriad of purposes:

  • Place in waiting room for patients and families to review while waiting for care.
  • Place in exam rooms for use during patient visit (great for the patient to review while waiting to see the provider!).
  • Place in labor and delivery triage units for education during observations.
  • Use for nursing guidance in obstetric or women’s health clinics – perfect for common discomfort guidance!
  • Give as a gift for a provider or a provider team!
  • Excellent learning tool for students in obstetric training or practicums.

This is one purchase you won’t regret incorporating into your practice!



Bonus! The Safe Over the Counter Medications in Pregnancy and the Preconception Templates are included with the pack for your convenience,

Purchase is good for one download.

Copyright restrictions apply, see below:

  • Allowed: May print PDF and use at discretion for personal use or in the patient setting.
  • Not allowed: Do not have the right to alter in any form. PDFs may not be reposted or shared electronically. This includes emailing, uploading, file sharing.

All profits support A Midwife Nation and making midwifery the standard of care in the United States. Thank you for your support!


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