The Too Good To Be True Pregnancy Guides: The Roadmap You Need for Every Visit of Pregnancy (One Time Digital Download)





This product serves pregnant women, providers and students, but in different ways. Read below to see how the guides can serve you!


  • Every pregnant woman wants to be prepared with the education she needs for her pregnancy. She wants to have a strong knowledge base to make decisions or decline interventions throughout her pregnancy and birth. She wants to be prepared for the unknown, but not fearful. And mostly, she wants an uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.
  • The problem is that the maternity healthcare system in the United States is broken. There isn’t enough support or access to a provider, much less a midwife for your care. The system is overwhelmed and understaffed and so are most of the providers in the system – from physicians, to nurses, to techs. Pregnant women are overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet and social media – how do you know what to believe and does that apply to you and your pregnancy? And ultimately, birth isn’t viewed as a normal process for women.
  • Well, goodness, that’s a lot…but I have your solution to navigate the broken system. The Too Good to Be True Pregnancy Guides are your roadmap from the first visit of your pregnancy to your due. As a nurse-midwife for 10 years, I’ve birthed 1,000 babies and completed over 10,000 clinic visits and I saw firsthand where the system was failing. No provider in the system is delivering the same care or using a checklist to ensure you’re getting what you need to get at each visit. Until now!
  • The Too Good to Be True Pregnancy Guides are your roadmap through every visit in your pregnancy as well as every rest stop and gas station! Think of rest stops as places you need to get more support (resources, education, videos) and gas stations as places to fill up your gas tank with knowledge about your pregnancy! Each of the 9 guides includes 9 educational topics, an extensive resource and FAQ (frequently asked question section tailored to each pregnancy week), daily pregnancy goals, and recommended apps, books, social media accounts and podcasts for you to plan the best pregnancy and birth for you and your baby. Every guide also includes a list of references so you know exactly where the evidence or recommendation came from.
  • You would never go on road trip without a map (or GPS) or with an empty tank of gas – that’s the same way your should approach care in the maternity system.
  • Don’t hitchhike through your pregnancy or postpartum period without a roadmap. Finish your pregnancy strong, with a birth that you planned for, and a postpartum period that nourishes you. Don’t be uninformed and think “I wish my provider would have told me that” or “I wish I would have known that!” Get the education you need, on each guide for every pregnancy visit, and tailor your care to you and your family.
  • Be confident, calm and prepared, for everything unknown and known about your pregnancy and birth with The Too Good to Be True Pregnancy Guides: The Roadmap You Need for Every Visit of Pregnancy.


  • Your pregnancy visits are crammed together back to back across your clinic and your dream was always to give the best care possible to every patient. But you just don’t have the time.
  • You are functioning in a system built on money, not outcomes. The system is what’s broken, not your clinic.
  • I understand what you want to give your patients – because I’ve been there as a nurse-midwife and a mom of four little kids. You want to establish connection, prepare them for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and set them up for success in the limited time you have with each family. You want to cover the basics of education but you want to go above and beyond too – because each visit should always be individualized.
  • I’ve got your solution! Whether you’re a midwife, physician, nurse-practitioner, physician’s assistant, childbirth educator, doula….these guides are the checklists to every visit of pregnancy. They offer the basic education and the bonus education you wish you could fit into every visit. Instead of thinking “I wish I remembered to give them that resource!”, you’re able to circle it on the back of the guide and know that your client got the information they needed.
  • Deliver exceptional care every time, not just a visit with the baby’s heart beat and a blood pressure and a “I’ll see you in 2 weeks.” Pregnancy outcomes will only change when pregnancy care becomes exceptional, every time. Use these guides are your checklists to deliver exceptional pregnancy care at every visit.

Still not sure how to use these as a provider? These examples will get you started on the right path:

  • Place guides in a waiting room for patients and families to review while waiting for care.
  • Place guides in exam rooms for use during patient visit (great for the patient to review while waiting to see the provider!).
  • Place guides in labor and delivery triage units for education during observations.
  • Use guides for nursing guidance in obstetric or women’s health clinics – perfect for common discomfort guidance!
  • Give guides as a gift for a provider or a provider team!
  • Use guides as a learning tool for students in obstetric training or practicums. *These are great for preceptors who have a lot of students.


  • You want to learn how to run your own clinic but you haven’t spent a lot time in clinic (or maybe you haven’t been pregnant before) . You aren’t sure how to conduct the pregnancy visits you need to complete before school. Maybe you were a labor and delivery nurse and clinic is a totally new environment for you?
  • You are totally overwhelmed and would rather be catching babies 🙂
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge or pressure from midwifery school or your preceptors. Don’t feel like you have to learn how to conduct clinic visits on your own.
  • These guides will fix those problem in a flash!
  • Use the guides as study guides to increase your knowledge and efficiency in the clinic (and you’ll impress your preceptors too!). The guides are evidence-based and chock full of resources for you to learn about and share with your pregnant mamas. Once you are familiar with the guides, print them and take them into your visits. Use them as checklists to make sure you are covering what you want to cover and offering all of the education and resources that your mamas need.
  • You’ll be more prepared for your clinicals and for running your own clinic after graduation. Don’t struggle through learning the basics of pregnancy care – let the guides lead you on your journey! Get yours today and get your head start to everyone else in your program.



  • Everything that is underlined on the PDF is an active hyperlink – click the link and off you go to more education and resources. There are hundreds of hyperlinks across all of the guides.
  • Bonus! The Safe Over the Counter Medications in Pregnancy and the Preconception Guide are included with the pack!
  • Purchase is good for one download and you have 7 days to use your link or it expires. No refunds.
  • Lifetime option is available in the shop if you plan to use guides for multiple pregnancies or for regular clinical practice. The guides are updated every 6 months to keep the hyperlinks, resources, app, book and podcast recommendations current.
  • Copyright restrictions apply, see below:
    • Allowed: May print PDF and use at discretion for personal use or in the patient setting.
    • Not allowed: Do not have the right to alter in any form. PDFs may not be reposted or shared electronically. This includes emailing, uploading, file sharing.
  • Do you have questions about the product? Email me your questions at

All profits support A Midwife Nation and making midwifery the standard of care in the United States. Thank you for your support!


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