Resume Template



Are you a nurse looking to apply to midwifery school?

Are you a doula looking to get some more experience with home birth?

Are you a student midwife getting ready to apply for a job?

Are you currently a midwife and your resume needs polishing?

Whatever the reason you need a resume, this resume will get you there! This resume template is a one page, formatted Word document that you can easily input your own information and have a polished resume in no time. You can customize the template to whatever you wish or use the fonts as they are. And the entire template is completed so that you can input your information quickly and easily.

Don’t let an unpolished resume be the reason you miss out on an opportunity. Download your template today and have a polished resume ready to go in less than an hour!

Download is available immediately after purchase. Link is good for two downloads and expires after 7 days. No returns. All proceeds contribute to disrupting prenatal care and elevating midwifery as the standard of care. Thank you for your support!


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