The Phenomenal Postpartum Guides: Your Postpartum Roadmap From Birth to Baby’s First Birthday (One Time Digital Download)



You are one step closer to being a prepared and educated mamabear. Even though there are some things that will be unpredictable in your postpartum journey, these guides are your roadmap through a system full of problems. The maternal health care system is broken and mom and baby statistics continue to get worse each year. You might not have access to a midwife or a birth provider you like and you might not even have support from local friends or family. You might feel overwhelmed and unsure about postpartum stuff and that’s understandable in a culture where birth and postpartum are not viewed as normal events in a woman’s life.

As a mama of four little ones born between 2016-2022 (including a home birth baby), a certified nurse-midwife who has attended over 1,000 births and completed 10,000 clinic visits, I’ve seen all the ways the maternity healthcare system needs to improve care from the inside and out. I’ve walked the postpartum road four times now and I have wisdom to share as a mama and a midwife.

The Phenomenal Postpartum Guides are your answer to your upcoming trip through the postpartum period. The 11 guides and 5 bonus resource guides offer an overview of each postpartum period your trip will take you through (think of each postpartum period like a different town you are visiting along a highway system), helpful shortcuts to make nursing, mothering and household care tasks easier, and encouragement and support for planned and unplanned rest stops along the way.

Your guides will cover postpartum education to help you prepare for the expected and unexpected, to develop a postpartum plan that serves you, your baby and your family and to help you find joy and peace so you can enjoy your postpartum period and not feel overwhelmed the entire first year after birth. Instead of feeling uninformed or thinking “I wish I knew that…”, you’ll feel confident, calm and ready to embrace the normal period of postpartum that occurs after the birth of a baby.

The first year after birth is a long road, but these guides are your roadmap to every planned and unplanned pit stop along your journey. 

Your purchase includes:

  • 11 guides to each postpartum period (7 guides from the day after birth to 8 weeks after birth and 4 guides from 3 months to 12 months after birth).
  • Postpartum warnings signs for the first 2 months after birth and the first year after birth.
  • The Calm Down Baby Checklist – a must to soothe fussy newborns and a great sheet to put on the fridge for dads.
  • Extensive Postpartum Resource list to get you the information you need, when you need it.
  • Postpartum Affirmations – What they are, how to use them to serve you and 20+ examples to start using right away!
  • Postpartum Snack List – For when you’re too tired to figure out what kind of protein you need.

Each guide has active hyperlinks that you can click on to go to dozens more resources, podcast episodes and many more resources tailored to what you need during your postpartum period. QR codes are provided for easy access to videos for learning.

These guides are an investment for you and your baby’s health and wellness. The guides will save you time and money…and they will help you navigate your first year after birth with grace and success mama! Read below to learn how these guides can serve you and then order your guides today to start changing postpartum care for the BETTER.



  • I recommend BOTH printing the guides and using them as digital PDFs.
    • Benefits of printing the guides:
      • If you print the guides, put them in a small 3 ring binder to reference throughout your postpartum period. You can leave this binder on the counter at home or in your nursing area for the baby to reference, read and learn throughout the weeks after birth.
      • The printed guides offer you something to bring to your visits and takes notes on. You can write down questions, concerns and things that you need to buy on the guides to help you keep all your postpartum thoughts in one place.
    • Benefits of using them digitally:
      • The digital PDF has active hyperlinks to books, videos, podcasts and many other resources to complement each stage of your pregnancy. All of the underlined words will take you to another website or resource when you click on them on your phone or computer.
    • It is helpful to read them through before birth if you have time, but not necessary if you don’t. You’ll find that sometimes you’ll need some resources right away, but not others until a few months after birth.
    • After reviewing the book recommendations, order books to read or request books you are interested from your library.
    • Pick a few podcasts or podcast episodes to listen to and some social media accounts that you like.
    • Continue to revisit and re-read the guides as often as needed!
    • Bring your 2 week and 6-8 week guides to your provider visits to make sure all your concerns/questions are addressed.


  • I prefer to use the guides as printed handouts (printed double sided) in my clinics or during postpartum rounding.
    • Your medical assistant or registered nurse can provide the guide at the beginning of the visit and fill out the client’s weight gain and blood pressure (if needed for the visit). As the client waits to see you, they can read over the education and prepare questions for the provider.
    • The guides help address the most common postpartum concerns and in turn, this offers comfort and reassurance to the woman and her family.
    • If needed, I point out or circle any resources particular to the visit that would help the woman or her family.
  • For students, these are a valuable learning tool about the entire postpartum period that are unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen. These are sure to fill your toolbox of resources for anything your postpartum mamas may need!
  • For birth workers, doulas and childbirth educators, these guides are a solution to so many of the problems with postpartum care in the United States. Use these during your prenatal or postnatal education to prepare families in the best way possible for their postpartum journeys.



  • The guides are updated every 6 months because website links change often and new resources are added to make each guide more robust. I recommend you buy the lifetime access product as an investment to yourself or your business if you are:

    • A pregnant mama for the first time but are planning more children in the next 5 years. Lifetime access keeps you up to date with every pregnancy without having to wonder what has changed since the last time you gave birth.
    • A provider, student, birth worker or educator and want to use the guides throughout your decades of practice. Buy them once, use them forever.

The lifetime access product is available in the SHOP here!



  • Purchase is good for one download; download link must be used within 7 days.
  • These guides are worth over $200 in value and will save you time, money and set you up for success after your birth!
  • No refunds.
  • Copyright restrictions apply, see below:
    • Allowed: May print PDF and use at discretion for personal use or in the patient setting.
    • Not allowed: Do not have the right to alter in any form. PDFs may not be reposted or shared electronically. This includes emailing, uploading, file sharing.
  • All profits support A Midwife Nation and making midwifery the standard of care in the United States. Thank you for your support!


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