*Lifetime Access* – The Successful Student Midwife (Digital Download)



Have you ever thought…

“How am I going to survive midwifery training?” (You will survive it, it’s going to be great!)

“Can I actually learn midwifery? Can I actually be a midwife?” (Yes, you can!)

“How am I going to get a job after school finishes?” (You’re going to get a great job!)

These are common questions for every student.

Midwifery training will give you the skills to be a midwife and pass your certification exams, but won’t teach you the skills you need to succeed after graduation and create a sustainable career as a provider. The Successful Student Midwife guide offers in-depth success tips for school, after graduation, and in your first few years as a provider.

There are extensive reading lists to build a strong foundation of midwifery skills, time management skills and health care history. There is an interview prep guide with interview questions to help you prepare and rock you interviews – and when you get the job, there are guides to get you through your clinics and 24-hr shifts with less stress, more efficiency and plans to get you back home to your family and couch for recharging and rest.

The guide is a lifetime purchase – you buy it once, you get access to every updated version as long as it is updated. You could complete midwifery school without the guide – but you’re going to have to learn all the lessons in the guide on your own: through your own experience. It has taken me a decade to learn how to practice efficiently and so that I don’t burnout as a midwife. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the lessons I missed early and start your midwifery journey prepared.

The 62-page guide includes:

  • How to Prepare for Midwifery School
  • Tips for Success in Midwifery School
  • How to Prepare for Midwifery Clinicals
  • Tips for Midwifery Clinicals
  • Tips to Snag a Preceptor
  • What to Pack in Your Work Bag
  • What to Do Between Midwifery School and Your First Job
  • The Job interview: How to Prepare
  • How to Survive the 24 Hour Shift
  • How to Recover from a 24 Hour Shift
  • How to Prep for Clinic
  • Wisdom for Balancing Family and Home Life
  • FAQs on First Assist Courses and Colposcopy
  • Tips To Run Your Clinic Efficiently
  • Book Recommendations for Aspiring and Practicing Midwives
  • Tips from the Midwives (courtesy of Journey to Midwifery podcast)
  • Podcast Recommendations
  • Newsletter Recommendations
  • App Recommendations
  • Recommended Handouts and Tools
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Resume Template

This guide is the first step to helping you rock midwifery school – get yours today!


  • Guide is accessible by download immediately after purchase. Downloads are unlimited; copyright laws apply (no sharing).
  • No refunds.
  • If the guide is updated, you have access to the updated guide for LIFE! To get access to the latest copy, you go back to the link in your email and the link will always bring you to the most updated version. Be sure you are subscribed to A Midwife Nation’s newsletter to get notifications about when the guide is updated!
  • 100% of the proceeds of this product go towards scholarships for aspiring midwives – so we can make more midwives.


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