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I recommend the templates to colleagues and students all the time! For colleagues and myself, the handouts are an easy way to find new patient handouts/resources that I haven’t discovered on my own. I appreciate that they are regularly updated. For students, the templates are a great way to summarize what “needs” to be reviewed at each visit, what is “good to review” at each visit, and what questions/concerns patients/families might have at each visit. I so appreciate that each template is MUCH more than just the basics of each visit. 

For my pregnant folks who can’t attend a pregnancy/birth class, the templates really help fill the education gap that I, as a midwife, could not possibly fill myself in a short prenatal visit. 

I also love that I can send the templates to patients through our EHR’s patient portal system – all of the hyperlinks in the PDF work and I don’t have to fight with the printer! And it uses less paper! It’s good for my clients, my clinic flow and for the Earth.


Certified Nurse-Midwife

As a midwife who is office based currently, I enjoy the templates as an intentional educational talking point to my ladies. It makes the visits less awkward and I think the patients appreciate the education because it makes the visit seem more important… Just vitals and the heartbeat sometimes makes the patients feel like there’s no point to prenatal care. 


Certified Nurse-Midwife

How have the templates helped: The pregnancy templates have helped me as a student midwife to have a framework for what each prenatal appointment should cover. I love the tips about how to start and end each appointment, and the embedded links are so helpful!

Why recommend: The pregnancy templates and the Successful Student Midwife resources are a great way to set a direction both for appointments and education. Highly recommend!

Point of pain: The Successful Student Midwife gave me an idea of WHAT TO EXPECT for midwifery school. As someone who loves to “be prepared,” this resource was comforting and helpful as I began. 


Student Nurse-Midwife

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