Wonder what happens at each pregnancy visit?

Unsure which education you need or what resources are recommended for you?

Feeling overwhelmed about pregnancy and not sure what to read or where to start?

Want to buy a product that is an investment for you and your baby instead of another book?

Frustrated that your pregnancy visits are only 5 minutes?

You deserve better care.

These guides will deliver exactly that.

Follow the link below to access them as a mama or a provider/student.



Disclaimer: These tools or handouts are provided for free! Please share with other women, families, providers or patients, but always give credit to the source. Tools should not be reproduced, altered or sold for profit. Copyright protections apply.

Tools are updated frequently to reflect evidence and guidelines. The latest version of the tool and last update are included at the bottom of every tool.

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Contraception and Family Planning Tool

This tool was developed in 2020 in effort to improve contraceptive screening in a military population of pregnant women. The tool has since been updated and offers evidence-based questions to guide family planning, an option grid listing most to least effective methods, and a shared decision-making guide for the provider and patient to review about the chosen method(s). A SURE test offers the option to complete patient satisfaction at the end of counseling and additional resources are listed for more information.

*This tool was published in the Jan/Feb 2023 Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health journal. Read the quality improvement article for free here.

The First Pregnancy Visit

This is my favorite and most used tool in the clinic! The front of the tool reviews the due date, labs completed/recommended at the first visit, FAQs about your prenatal care and pregnancy education. The back side of the tool offers follow up, goals during pregnancy, when to present to the emergency room, and resources/FAQs tailored to the first trimester. Look no farther for the best education and most frequently asked questions during your pregnancy!

Your Pregnancy Roadmap

Safe OTC Medications in Pregnancy

Wonder what over the counter medications are safe during pregnancy? This list is sorted by common discomforts and reviews other considerations to consider when taking medications in pregnancy: when to review medications with your provider during pregnancy; what to do if you have diabetes or gestational diabetes in pregnancy; and resources you can use to find out which medications are safe to take during preconception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. On download, hyperlinks are active. App recommendations included as well.

How to Prevent Lower Extremity Nerve Injury

Lower extremity nerve injury is an uncommon but devastating diagnosis. All women, labor and delivery nurses, or birth providers should be aware of how to prevent this complication with these easy steps. Download this tool and share on your labor and delivery unit OR print this out and include it in your birth plan! Awareness and prevention are key – you are the first step!

Preconception Tool