Friday Five (#46)

Hello! This Five full of goodies.

And it finally feels like fall.

I had to turn on the heat in the house because we woke up to a house at 62 degrees. The littles were shivering and I acquiesced.

I hope you’re enjoying the fall wherever you may be. I like to sit outside in the morning and drink coffee while the littles play in the driveway. (If you are my neighbor, I am sorry for the noise at 7am. But they get up at 5:30 in the morning…please feel free to come over and I will pour you a cup of coffee anytime as an apology for the noise.)

And real life parenting is a perfect bridge into the first of the Five!

1. Dads on Duty

This might be my favorite video of the year. Want to stop violence in schools? Bring in the dads. There are so many positive impacts here…it just gives me tingles. I hope this spreads in Louisiana and across the nation.

2. New Jersey is expanding Medicaid coverage to women for 365 days after they give birth to a baby!


3. STEM stocking stuffers.

You read that right. Ya’ll, I had three babies and they were all born in December. December takes some planning on my part to accommodate three little birthdays, the big birthday (Jesus), oh, and when I also got married.

Anyways, I’m not huge on lots of presents. I think the three kings got it right when they gave Jesus three gifts. But I do love a good stocking. One that will keep you occupied the whole morning long. And then I found this post. Get ready to get your nerd on – but also to inspire your kids! Check out all the fun here.

4. A Guide for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety


Published by VCU, this is a great resource! It’s got resources for mama, daddies, grief/loss, military families, family support…bookmark this one or share with patients.

5. Looking for a last minute CE opportunity?

The Virginia Affiliate of ACNM is hosting their symposium – Midwifery Forward tomorrow. You can attend virtually. The line up looks great. Don’t miss an easy way to catch up on some evidence and some education credits.

Other goodies….

This YouTube by Paul Rand. It’s worth the 30 minute watch! He says so many good things about LOCAL government.

For my Veterans out there, this is a great list of things you can go to next week to honor your service:

Mark your calendars for this upcoming gem…CMQCC does an outstanding job of presenting content and data. They have also helped moved the maternity care system forward through continued QI. Register at


Some new resources to check out: Partners to Parents and Pink Newborn Services. Also added these to the RESOURCES page.


Did you see the OTC Medication Sheet this week?

Onto the weekend! I’ll be on call and trying to catch Midwifery Forward between the babies and triage patients.



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